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11/9/2008 4:52 PM
SurfinSandy is that your house refracted in the water drop upside down??? I love refractions in water as you can see in my "Eye Drops" Shot! Great work Mark

11/9/2008 10:30 AM
Thanks daknight:) I too am enjoying all the lovely photos on this site and all the nice comments everyone has left on my media, Thanks.

11/9/2008 5:02 AM

11/8/2008 9:09 PM
what was wrong with it in the first place. Thank you to all my friends, fans and supporters for all the Votes. And to those that prayed for me when I was so sick, thank you. God Bless

11/8/2008 9:06 PM
that the management of this site cant step so low as to tell you why you got removed. How are you suppose to better your work if you dont know

11/8/2008 9:04 PM
Twice I entered and twice my entries got removed, its like PlagueAngle says, the price is not everything, For me its just recognition for your work that counts. Pity

11/8/2008 1:47 PM
I'm just here to have fun.....the comments I recieve on my images mean so much more to me than the winnings of these contests. I've been famed and I've been shamed and I'm still going to shoot photos and have my fun. :) Linda

11/8/2008 10:49 AM
I study and work alongside semi - pros and first time students alike on my photography course, aging from 18 to 55 plus, and they don't argue about not getting picked for a very over rated comp.

11/8/2008 10:47 AM
Now now people lets not get arsy it's a competition, not the F.A. cup...the way you are all carrying on, any one would think there was a million pounds at steak here. Then I could understand the petty miggling between you all.

11/8/2008 4:32 AM
But at the end of the day... If they descided that the rules were not be followed one way or another then they made the right descision.. Take care and good luck to all the remaining!! Great shots everyone!!!

11/8/2008 4:30 AM
I think everyone should have been left in the contest and let the judges descide at the end what qualified and didnt.. I also think there should have been a much better example and guidelines to the rules.. JMO

11/8/2008 4:29 AM
I dont think it was any contestant or member that chose what happened Plague... I think it was admin that descided.. I think other shots where deleted as well.

11/7/2008 7:49 PM
I see. But how do they chose that? Just whichever they like best and then they say that they will take others into consideration too? Confuses me! From the last day of the contest do they take a long time to chose?

11/7/2008 7:41 PM
yea the voting system is a little odd. I like that they dont have any down voting of sorts but I dunno. How do they pick the winner?

11/7/2008 6:33 PM
why are entries getting deleted?

11/7/2008 5:49 PM
driven and ginabao what were your entries?

11/7/2008 5:19 PM
I've just realized that entries have been removed, I guess that explains how I got in 2nd. I was wondering how that happened. Again, it says that ALL entries will be considered. So it doesn't really matter who the top 5 are.

11/7/2008 4:40 PM
why are peoples pic being pulled?

11/7/2008 1:25 PM
thanks to the person who reported my picture and got me kicked out. :[ i guess i'll have to go somewhere else to show my pictures.

11/7/2008 12:26 PM
It seems like a page reload scheme to give the site founder a lot of Google Ad bucks. Why else would people be allowed to vote multiple times for the same picture, including their own?

11/7/2008 10:44 AM
sorry about the spelling errors, I've drank almost a whole bottle of red wine, and it's gone to my head.

11/7/2008 10:43 AM
Yeah I agree to what every one is saying, it si a good contest. If any one camn tell me what theme my photo is based on, they'll get signed piece of my own art work.

11/7/2008 8:46 AM
If you like an entry and think it's a great macro..then vote for it! If you don't like it or don't think it's a macro..then don't vote for it! What a concept!

11/7/2008 7:59 AM
Yes I think it is a popularity contest, I see pics with 1000+ votes that I dont consider Macro and some VERY nice Macros with less than 20 votes - HMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!

11/6/2008 9:20 PM
here's what i think about this contest...there sure are alot of eye to eye, dripping water, flowering, buggie photographers out there...and alot of great pictures too

11/6/2008 8:11 PM
I agree, daknight. As someone said before, it is just a contest. I enjoy all of the entries, and will leave the judging to the judges. :-)

11/5/2008 11:42 PM
I understand that blackmoriah, but the diversity in definitions comes in just how close is real close. No one can seem to agree on that.

11/5/2008 5:59 PM
a macro shot is when the photographer gets real close to the subject, without zooming in, and takes the shot. this comment is to answer "bow's" comments

11/5/2008 12:46 PM
I know blueice shes a great artist...

11/5/2008 11:58 AM
Welcome blueice! She's a fantastic photographer...her macro shots are amazing. :)