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11/5/2008 9:02 AM
What I found was that from Professional Photographers to Photography Schools to Biologists is that the definitions are just as diverse as the entries in this contest.

11/5/2008 8:59 AM
With all the controversy over what a true macro is, and not being a photographer myself. I decided to do a little searching around to see what I could find.

11/5/2008 8:50 AM
Best of luck to all contest participants! So many great shots - I feel sorry for the final judging process as it will be difficult. (Overtly Plugging Myself Moment) Please look at the Wind Cave Rattlesnake and vote accordingly.

11/4/2008 11:44 PM
I think i did a good job with my photo I didnt even know what a macro shot was before this but its damn close to one lol

11/4/2008 11:42 PM
thank u ginaboa!!! no matter what Im going to wish the best for my photo and others regardless of what others think and thank u plagueangel I needed to hear that!!!

11/4/2008 2:37 PM
Who is Johnson??

11/4/2008 2:16 PM
is there an echo in the room.. LOL JK

11/4/2008 2:05 PM
of course gina.. Smiles at gina!

11/4/2008 1:59 PM
and gina?

11/4/2008 1:57 PM
I agree with Squatch and Tim!!

11/4/2008 1:28 PM
well said.

11/4/2008 1:24 PM
I agree that there are many great photos on here that are not close ups or macros and that should not discourage anyone.. However for a macro contest only macro shots should be considered. IMHO

11/4/2008 6:21 AM
all of the photos are wonderful and creative. try not to insult that.

11/4/2008 6:18 AM
I agree with TRu. Some people may have misunderstood "Macro", (such as me) but it doesn't give anyone else permission to be so negative about other people's work-- especially beginners. it discourages them, and it's unfair.

11/3/2008 8:35 PM
I have people all the time asking me for my votes, and I don't mind a bit, as long as I'm not entering the same contest:)

11/3/2008 8:33 PM
As far as what you R calling "fake votes" hat's pretty much how this site is set up. You contact your friends/fans and ask them to vote for you. Good luck to you all and may the best photo win:)

11/3/2008 8:32 PM
In the description is says "very close-up" I think if they had other guide lines they would have posted those.

11/3/2008 6:33 PM
Well Im just starting out in photography and to hear so much negativity is discouraging. Grow up people its just a contest not life or death.... I enjoy seeing all the different photos, they'er all beautiful.

11/3/2008 5:24 PM
this is really angering me. people should kind of keep to the macro idea. my photograph is not microscopic, but still...

11/3/2008 5:14 PM
Does my "Eye Drops" shot have negative votes?? How do I know?

11/3/2008 5:10 PM
What is a negative vote?

11/3/2008 3:34 PM
let the judges decide. fake votes are senseless but so are bitter comments

11/3/2008 3:06 PM
Yep, right now the real winner is probably among the bottom ones with hundreds of negative votes... Cool. ;)

11/3/2008 3:03 PM
Hopefully we would see the best top 5 final macros with the judges help. So, macros should be sifted before the posting and my dear photo-experts should understand that thousands of fake votes are senseless.

11/3/2008 2:53 PM
By the same token, even though it says the top five will receive more attention, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the winner is not among the top five.

11/3/2008 2:48 PM
The final judging will be by Taltopia judges. Any entry that does not meet the requirements will not be selected no matter how many votes they have.

11/3/2008 2:40 PM
Yep, you are right, man. 90% of all submissions are not macros. "Going green" is an example of macro shot. And my question is "Why real macro shots are getting just negative votes?" Thank you to all the players!

11/3/2008 2:05 PM
In the macro contest entries that are not macro are getting votes. This is not the right way of judging. soliciting votes from firends is not the right way to go about judging entries.

11/3/2008 11:59 AM
Sorry, but I have to say this. These are all great shots, but do you understand what MACRO means? There are several images here that are not macro, not even close-ups.

11/3/2008 7:22 AM
very nicely said Jandri! :)