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11/10/2008 9:31 AM
My congrats to each and everyone of you. I don't know when I have seen such lovely sunsets. It has been a pleasure for me.

11/10/2008 5:07 AM
Thanks everyone! Your comments are greatly appreciated! This contest had some beautiful sunsets...I'm honored to be among such talented individuals. All the best to all of you, ~Cat

11/9/2008 6:12 PM
Lake Arrowhead is beautiful!

11/9/2008 8:16 AM
Thanks Kathy, that photo holds a lot of memories... Thanks to everyone that thought it deserved recognition by voting for it! I wish I could share the champagne that we enjoyed watching this spectacular sunset...on second thought...LOL

11/8/2008 11:36 PM
This has been a very competitive.All the entries were extraordinary. Good Luck to all of you!

11/8/2008 9:53 PM
Same here, I had to vote for them all! Good luck! Arrowhead is awesome Catz... ;o)

11/8/2008 8:08 AM
Good luck everyone, such beautiful shots by all. Had to vote for each one!

11/5/2008 1:24 PM
Amazing job everyone!!! I updated votes and have voted for all!!! Good Luck!

11/5/2008 11:06 AM
These are all amazing. I went through them and voted :) Good Luck everyone!

11/4/2008 6:10 PM
Agreed...What is there to gain? I guess I'm not the only one who questioned the integrity of a minuscule, non-profile "fan" base with accounts created within minutes of the other. It's sad when one has to boost one's own ego.

11/4/2008 5:20 PM
i would rather have someone tell me the truth on my work than blow smoke up my bottom that way i can fix the problem to make a better picture thank you

11/3/2008 12:57 PM
There are so many great photos and paintings here. Good Luck Everyone!!!

11/3/2008 2:29 AM
Thanks to all of you that voted for the Lake Arrowhead sunset. That shot means the world to me...it was the first sunset my best friend and I saw as husband and wife! That's been almost 2 years now, and the honeymoon isn't over yet! :D

10/30/2008 10:10 AM
Beautiful work everyone!!! WOW!!! I voted for all!!!

10/29/2008 3:09 PM
Guys, I just have to commend each and every one of you on your entries. These are all superb!

10/29/2008 2:47 PM
Thank you to the folks who were kind enough to donate or become a fan so I could enter!

10/29/2008 7:40 AM
Yes,Liquid Fire is a great photo!!

10/28/2008 1:58 PM
Wow.....What a bunch of gorgeous images here!

10/27/2008 4:33 PM
These picts are all great - thanks for sharing!!!

10/27/2008 12:09 PM
Nice shot stlctyfan! Reminds me of Cali.

10/27/2008 9:45 AM
Thanks Kala

10/27/2008 9:05 AM
Good Luck ShockPic you got my votes

10/27/2008 8:50 AM
Great job everyone! I love them all!

10/27/2008 8:13 AM
Thanks,WesternDreamer for the tip on the contest.Good luck everyone!

10/27/2008 7:13 AM
Wow there sure are some awesome sunsets here.