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12/17/2008 1:26 PM
thank you everyone who voted for me .. it was a great contest and there was some great entry's . joshua . great entrys . love you guys and god bless. congrats to heidi and trish .

12/17/2008 1:04 PM
Congrats, Donna, you crept up behind me at the last minute.... Good for you! Great contest...

12/17/2008 9:52 AM
You're too funny Diane and Chris...I thought I was the only one that did that kind of thing! Glad to hear I'm not alone! LOL!

12/15/2008 1:49 PM
Oops, I didn't notice the end of the contest being so soon when I entered. Doh! -Jeff

12/10/2008 8:05 PM
Heidi, that's such a special photo of your Dad...thanks for sharing it with us!~ Janese

12/10/2008 8:03 PM
Very cute Trish! It's hard to top a little boy in denim! And the sideways ball cap...nice touch! ~ Janese

12/4/2008 3:43 PM
Thank-you everyone who voted for Joshua, this is exciting, he is jumping up and down. (a little competitive) Trish lol

12/4/2008 3:42 PM
I got this outfit at Josua's baby shower. I laughed so hard when I opened it I peed my pants, two of my friends followed suit. Josh was born premature and hospitalized. So when I got this picture it maded me laugh, no pee though. Trish

12/4/2008 11:08 AM
hey everyone . good luck with the contest . and merry christmas.. this is me and my brothers we all just got new outfits so we had to take pic's of course lol . thank you all for voting and god bless.

12/4/2008 11:06 AM
Mine is my daughter and her friends having a kool aid sale in our front yard 18 years ago. They all had to have sunglasses...Just reminds me of when she was young and the fun of childhood

12/4/2008 10:51 AM
Mine is a picture of My husband and I the first night of our honeymoon on the balcony of our cruise ship. You can see the sunset in our sunglasses. Definately the fondest memory of my life so far.

12/3/2008 7:06 PM
He and my mom came to visit me in Utah after not seeing them for two and a half years. We had a wonderful time and then two months later he died. My fondest memory...

12/3/2008 6:52 PM
I entered My Dad because he is the fondest memory that I have. He passed away two years ago and I really miss him! This was one of the last pictures I was able to take of him and was displayed at his wake. He was and is very loved!

12/2/2008 5:57 AM
If you go to my website, and click on the portrait link, I relate the entire experience. Thanks for all the votes.

11/22/2008 5:05 AM
This is me presenting my "Face of the Fallen" portrait to the mother of the young man who gave the ultimate sacrifice. This was both an incredibly joyful and deeply sad occasion and I will remember it forever.

11/20/2008 2:56 PM
Oh wow, Sherry, have I seen this photo? If I have I had forgotten about it. This one even brings back fond memories to me.

11/17/2008 3:49 PM
anytime girly !!

11/17/2008 3:10 PM
voted !!!! for both of you !!

11/17/2008 3:09 PM
Great picture Horselover !!

11/17/2008 1:31 PM
it's great Donna !!!!! I sure hope it is a good contest !!!

11/17/2008 1:28 PM
hope this entry is ok . good luck everyone . looks like it will be a good contest

11/17/2008 1:03 PM
ahhh, once AGAIN , I managed to mess this up !!! anyway , my entry is of a parade clown, passing out candy to my kids, the 1st parade my daughter ever saw, it was a very memorable day !!!!!!