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1/21/2009 8:25 PM
hey I posted some work on here but come on. I just wanted to see what people would say check the web site out evansartworld.com

1/21/2009 8:23 PM
There are all some great entries here and good luck to you all I will be voting for the best picture for new years since thats the name of the contest.

1/21/2009 8:20 PM
nice picture dream for this category. good luck to you!

1/21/2009 5:53 PM
There are some nice drawings, but for the most part, I don't see where most apply to the New Year. I'll be placing my votes only for those that stick to the theme.

1/20/2009 4:28 PM
And who couldn't love little old Sneaky? Ha!

1/20/2009 4:26 PM
And thanks, cb! You rock! I love your stuff! It is one of the ones I feel is a great New Years theme as well!

1/20/2009 4:25 PM
Charles! Ha! Reminds me of the scene where the Joker is wearing the nurse outft! Disturbing? Yes. Funny? You bet!! Ha!

1/20/2009 2:11 PM
I have really enjoyed seeing all of the fab art that this contest has brought out! But Charles, there is definately something disturbing about Heath wearing a tierra! lol

1/20/2009 2:06 PM
I don't think there is any real concern here-the staff will will certainly consider their own guidelines when judging. ie, New Year topic; drawings only,= no photo, photoshop rendering, paintings, and so on.

1/20/2009 1:35 PM
hey people if they don't fit in the guidelines why do you still vote for them? I say chop off 1st and 2nd they got nothin to do with the contest give the prize to the dream...she's the real winner here. Quality work and fits the contest.

1/20/2009 12:43 PM
That would just make him a Queen. He still wouldn't fit the competition guidelines! lol

1/20/2009 9:45 AM
Also I famed it on your page. Nice portfolio.

1/20/2009 9:43 AM
Hey Charles Love Heath, very impressive work. Not voting cause it screams celebration. Its just a beutiful piece! Best wishes on a win!

1/19/2009 7:33 PM
But stll, Charles, because of my profession( a movie reviewer) Heath rates way up on my scale!

1/19/2009 8:19 AM
PROCRASTINATION and CARS 2009 ( along with Heath) might be stretching it a bit, but they fall straddling the line.

1/19/2009 8:18 AM
NEW MAINLAND STRIPS, if looked at in an enlarged view, is a comic about the new year.

1/19/2009 8:14 AM
I think CELEBRATE, SNEAKY'S and RING IN THE NEW speak for themselves...

1/19/2009 8:12 AM
We stretched it a bit with Heath! The reason behind this image was decided it had something to do with paying homage to him at the Oscars in 2009. He has already won a postumous Golden Globe.

1/19/2009 12:11 AM
Dancing, the dog with the new years hat and the new years hats are all new years themed.

1/19/2009 12:11 AM
I thought the entries were supposed to be new years themed, marilyn should be in the marilyn competition and the joker is a great picture but its not new years themed either,

1/18/2009 12:54 PM
there are so may great enties I will just vote on all of them. Good luck everyone!

1/17/2009 9:06 AM
Nice idea! In my Pic "Sneaky's New Year Resolution" This was Sneaky's first New Year celebration. He loved it. I think he made a resolution something about not chewing up what doesn't belong to him... something like that.. haha

1/15/2009 2:48 PM
2009 is the year that all the desires of our hearts would be fullfill,come and Celebrate!! dancing of course

1/15/2009 2:46 PM
Mine "Celebrate", what is a good party without dancing,dancing is always the best way to celebrate a New Year!!!!come and Celebrate!!!!

1/15/2009 9:49 AM
I'll go first: RING IN THE NEW is a still life of The Party Favors we all use a t a New years Party and are a symbol of Fun and Good Times for 2009!

1/15/2009 9:48 AM
There are some here that are in question as to how they represent a New Year or a New Year Celebration. We have a week to go, why don't we all tell how our individual entries represent The New year!

1/14/2009 11:54 PM
Dream yours is very nice too!

1/14/2009 11:53 PM
I love your drawing June its great!

1/14/2009 11:51 PM
baby kaden is as cute as my baby kaden had to vote for him!

1/14/2009 12:47 PM
I agree with you on that one.