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1/6/2009 3:17 PM
great work june and good luck!

1/6/2009 1:22 PM
This is getting juicy!!!!

1/6/2009 10:45 AM
Nothing But Pleasure could be a party, in which case it is in the theme of New years..we might have to stretch our artisitc minds a bit...ha!

1/5/2009 9:48 AM
Are we havin' fun yet? tee hee..Great images everyone! A good way to start out the New Year right!

1/4/2009 10:04 PM
Wow! there are a lot of awesome drawings here, but "Heathe Ledger" blows me away! It looks so real! Great job!

1/4/2009 9:55 PM
Thank you James, Stephanie & Tony. I finished drawing that picture New Years morning. Thank you all for your votes. Happy New Year!

1/4/2009 9:28 PM
june you got my vote good luck!

1/4/2009 9:19 PM
june you got my votes all of them !

1/4/2009 8:45 PM
Tahnk you Eric.

1/4/2009 8:01 PM
Got my vote June!

1/4/2009 1:26 PM
thank you CharslesChampin for votin at my dancing couple !Celebrate! it is best to look at qhen you zoom in, all the best to all!!

1/4/2009 1:14 PM
thank you rammelsb for your nice comment

1/4/2009 11:36 AM
archerold..isn't this in another contest too? How does your entry here deal with the theme of New year? I am not picking on you, just curious. I love your art!

1/4/2009 8:27 AM
Heath would be honored! Incredible

1/4/2009 6:33 AM
hi..just joined also. You guys have a wonderfull drawings..may the best one win.

1/3/2009 5:10 PM
Just joined the contest. some absolutely wicked drawings up there, wishing everyone good luck, i know i will need it, lol

1/3/2009 4:15 PM
Heath is beatiful

1/3/2009 8:55 AM
Thats why I love film! They will always be fresh in our eyes because film has preserved their essence for all time!

1/3/2009 8:20 AM
sissera! What a delightful image! Voted!

1/3/2009 8:18 AM
I cried over his death and celebrated his performance in The Dark Knight! He deserves an oscar!

1/3/2009 8:18 AM
I agree with you 100% Charles! I think by explaining why your image is a New Yrears drawing is most helpful! My vote is yours now!

1/3/2009 5:04 AM
please consider my drawing !celebrate! the dancing couple,you can see best when you zoom in,all the best for everyone here, you all are excellent!!

1/2/2009 3:38 PM
I believe the hosts of this contest knows what is truely NEW YEARS and what doesn't fit. It is my hope they will use that judgement when finding the true winner.

1/2/2009 3:36 PM
Charles has a wonderful Celebrity drawing in that contest already ( Bernie Mack) just fabulous! I think it's just that some people didn't read into the requirements what this one was all about ...

1/2/2009 3:13 PM
it's one entry per contest. The site should be on this and remove entries that don't fit requirements...side note that joker drawing rocks. shoulda' put a new years hat on 'em and you'd have my vote.

1/2/2009 1:52 PM
CharlesChampin...you might need to enter this stupendous drawing of Heath in the Celebrity Drawing contest! I know you'll get way more votes there!

1/2/2009 1:12 PM
I’m confused, out of all the entries only 3 have a New Years theme and only 2 of those 3 are drawn. All are good… they just don’t fit the contest requirements.

1/2/2009 11:28 AM
Remember a NEW YEARS Theme...

1/2/2009 11:27 AM
It's ok, you are allowed to vote once for your own!

1/1/2009 2:25 PM
I would say, contact a Taltopia official for advice on number of entries per person...and then tell us what they said! Ha! I am curious myself!