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1/8/2009 8:37 PM
santa kitty is so cute too!

1/8/2009 8:17 PM
Suki...even with my own entry, I have given votes to both Baby Oliver, and Tubbie Time, plus a bunch more. I love cats, and they are all cute to me.

1/8/2009 7:53 PM
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, suki! I think they are all cute, and they all look very loved!

1/8/2009 7:04 PM
Hey suki, don't cha like felines? They're like babies, they're all cute! ha!

1/8/2009 6:59 PM
those cats r not so cute. baby oliver pic and tubbie time are the only ones that can be called "cute" :)

1/8/2009 3:08 PM
I have to keep looking, and giving new votes. These entries are ALL just too cute!

1/7/2009 10:40 PM
all of them are cute!!everyone gets a vote!!

1/7/2009 9:43 PM
thank you katz743. I wont be having a cat for a very long time :\

1/7/2009 9:17 PM
I'm sorry for your loss, misscrimescene. I lost 14 of my 18 babies to FIP...all within 2 years. Get your cats vaccinated everyone!

1/7/2009 8:15 PM
So many felines...so little time! hee hee

1/7/2009 8:15 PM
So many terrific shots!!!! Good luck to all!

1/7/2009 8:14 PM
No problem, Buddhacat! The more the merrier!!!

1/7/2009 8:03 PM
Hi Guys, Just entered "Can we come in?". Hopefully 2 cats won't be an issue! LOL

1/7/2009 7:01 PM
I miss that kitten of mine! a coyote got him about 2 years ago... he will be missed. I entered to share his picture so he can be remembered a bit more.

1/6/2009 6:53 PM
this is a pic of my cat splits, it was one of those nights where the cat flipped caught him right before he attacked me

1/6/2009 5:40 PM
Come on all cat owners!!! Show us your great photos! Good luck to all!!!

1/6/2009 12:29 PM
come on people this is a good contest . let the furrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr shine in this one .get them entries in. good luck all .

1/5/2009 7:23 PM
Great idea for a contest! I'll bet you have a lot of entries in a day or two! Good luck to everyone...your photo's are purrrrrrfect!