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3/27/2009 10:59 AM
YAY congrats!!!

3/25/2009 5:33 PM
So not brown nosing...I really liked it. Why would I have to kiss up to Anthony anyway?

3/24/2009 8:45 PM
Oh my, ain't this a wacky little feud we got here on the comments section of this contest.

3/23/2009 10:50 PM
wow how can something so dum be in first place? Should be judged on the comedy not the looks

3/23/2009 6:21 PM
HAHAHAHAHA!stuck in traffic is in first place.alls i can say is "We walk from here"

3/18/2009 4:18 PM
pink room is great!

3/18/2009 12:48 AM
Us male comedians have to give way to cute girls singing along to a rubbish song, that's the true comedy of the internet I guess :(

William Fu...
3/17/2009 9:55 PM
"stuck in Traffic" is not funny at all. honestly, why is this 1st place... 85 votes so far??? i smell a scandal.

3/6/2009 3:06 AM
Our entry is not only a music video, it's a completely improvised song...can we get extra credit?!

3/5/2009 12:19 AM
gonna take a walk aint goin nowhere! lol

3/4/2009 8:50 PM
Anthony, I loved your prank! It's just the kind of thing me and my friends used to do in college! You know what they say about "payback" though! lol!!! Watch out! lol!

3/3/2009 2:02 PM
thank you Blight,you made my day.

2/25/2009 10:22 AM
wow anthony, thats a funny prank!