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4/9/2009 9:43 AM
Congratulations to the top three artists, you all submitted some fine work regardless of the workings of the contest.

4/9/2009 9:27 AM
congrats to the winners of the contest, I think it should be called how many friends and family do you have, I cant see how this is going to be any gage on my artwork, so have fun, I am out.

4/9/2009 7:08 AM
TommyD you are right, the last thing we need is more censorship. I just hate coward!

4/9/2009 5:37 AM
I think they are the same clown hangingaround, yes I agree Taltopia should filter them out , but then this is America and we have freedom of speach

4/9/2009 5:30 AM
What are they 12? I wish Taltopia would eliminate accounts for the one writing the remarks and BumBum who is supporting his remarks. I bumbum name says it all.

4/9/2009 5:27 AM
TommyD you are so right. I rarely watch a contest or participate in one. I typically use Taltopia to get feedback from other professional artists. To have some idiot come in and make vulgar statements is truly unfortunate

4/9/2009 4:37 AM
Please read my comments from the bottom up

4/9/2009 4:36 AM
Ok now you can rip at me as I could care less comung from you. To all the others here it has been fun and we should look foward to the next contest Goodbye for now. TommyD

4/9/2009 4:35 AM
. It is people like you that rune the great things in life and your are too weak to even post your picture so everyone can know the crude person they see here.

4/9/2009 4:35 AM
I didn't care who wins I seen some really nice work here and it has been fun. If someone cheats they only cheat themselves. Clover600 This was a nice place to visit until your remarks and language

4/8/2009 11:33 PM
This is the first contest I have seen that is judged by staff, I think that is pretty cool. It gives the latecomers a chance, and might temper the drama a bit. But there are a couple incredible pieces in the top five.

4/8/2009 10:12 PM
lol clover... i have been following this contest from the beginning... and you are right!! joy is a big time cheater... looser

4/8/2009 10:07 PM
Tricimarie, that is a very nice still life! I just wish it was a bit larger so I could see it better. I like the design on the teapot!

4/8/2009 9:45 PM
AND... you look like my ass after I take a shit but before I wipe my ass...

4/8/2009 9:44 PM
JoyLVTA...you are a fucking cheater, your art sucks worse than maggots on your ugly lizzard sketch.

4/8/2009 7:45 PM
I agree Ron...this has been a real vote getter! It's good to see that we're all paying attention and showing our appreciation for some great talent! Well done, folks!

4/8/2009 7:03 PM
Doers anyone know what the highest vote count has been for any given artwork in any contest? Just curious!

4/8/2009 7:01 PM
Boy, this is really like a yo yo, a lot of up and down or back and forth in our voting, makes for quite an interesting contest.

4/8/2009 10:55 AM
Thank you both, but it's not over yet. I had fun too...

4/8/2009 7:22 AM
i agree-congrats Joy!

4/8/2009 6:25 AM
This was not only fun but educational. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions we had. Joy... congrats!

4/7/2009 8:23 PM
good luck all

4/7/2009 10:01 AM
I agree. The works displayed here showed a lot of skill and sensitive and they are simply spectacular. Congrats, everyone!!

4/6/2009 6:10 PM
Hello artist I hope that you all realize that all of you are winners I am enjoying the diverse styles. Let us remember the years it took to just accomplish one painting or drawing. Be bless everyone

4/3/2009 12:08 PM
Toxic Escape is nice too - another piece with a very strong graphic design element to it.

4/3/2009 12:04 PM
Queen of the Water and Guitar Player are very nice late additions :)

4/3/2009 12:44 AM
great work JoyLVTA keep it up. I voted 4u

4/2/2009 8:43 PM
Hey thanks,I feel so welcome here!

4/2/2009 2:21 PM
thanks YNSexy7~ kf

4/2/2009 12:47 PM
fujiart love that painting welcome.