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3/27/2009 4:33 PM
cont... if you can do such a simple sketch, better than I, in 10 minutes, then you should be teaching art rather than me. So... may I see your work?

3/27/2009 4:31 PM
aprildowling... I was so touched by your comment that I drove 45 minutes down to the coast of Maine, and in 10 minutes sketched this scene.

3/27/2009 2:42 PM
Thank you daknight!!!

3/27/2009 2:41 PM
It does not cost anything to display work on your page..so what is up with that? I think everyones work is great..like it says simple. I know it only took me an hour to draw mine...simple

3/27/2009 2:38 PM
Nice empty portfolio, April. Try being seen and not heard.

3/24/2009 11:40 AM
Thanks daknight, you're Calvin is too cute. There's some real art going on here and I love it.

3/22/2009 8:51 PM
Love your "Calvin", Diane and thanks for the compliment!

3/21/2009 10:43 PM
TY for your comments on my Hiei sketch!! ^_^ P.S. I have LOTS more to enter in future contests!Thanx again all!

3/20/2009 11:17 AM
I'm in with a '63 Chevy in ink. Great entries from all of you!

3/19/2009 11:16 PM
This is my first ever entry in one of your conttests but,OOPS,I accidentally clicked the voting button twice! Sorry! LOL All great entries BTW.

3/19/2009 7:53 PM
Artistfor...We meet again I do adore your french horn.

3/19/2009 7:52 PM
PlayGround...No I love lizards, frogs, turtles, etc. thanks. Your spiderman is fierce!

3/18/2009 3:45 AM
french horn is a #2 graphite on Bienfang layout.