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5/20/2009 7:14 PM
i think bobbysurf's and vimeliss' photos were taken at the same place

5/20/2009 9:12 AM
thank all who became one of my fans!!!!

5/19/2009 11:09 PM
All these pics r so beautiful,some of the comments,unbelievable.Good luck to ALL of u. Shake N Bake !

5/19/2009 4:43 PM
if it is freedom of speech....why get upset about people saying what they think? you can't say something like that on here and then expect people to say nothing...that is common sense...BUT GOOD LUCK TO US ALL WE ALL HAVE BEAUTIFUL SUNSETS.

5/19/2009 2:14 PM
My thoughts exactly!

5/19/2009 1:53 PM
Some of us are here for the art, others don't seem to be. ;-)

5/19/2009 1:23 PM
great sunsets,, why are some of you angry???

5/19/2009 9:49 AM
these are all beautiful,good luck everyone...

5/19/2009 9:10 AM
Thanks to the ones that are voting for me<3 Good luck to everyone!

5/19/2009 8:34 AM
and spare the person the grief! Good job all! Now, lets get back to voting for what's truly beautiful!

5/19/2009 8:33 AM
And bobbysurf hasn't made one comment. It's a testiment to the rest of us, that we can step up and defend the ART in question and get things settled over the quality and effort put into THE ART

5/19/2009 7:56 AM
thank you ALL!!!

5/19/2009 7:52 AM
I'm glad it's settled and we can get on with the beautiful photos here. I ran out of votes on Bobbysurfs pic.

5/19/2009 7:24 AM
For sure! And loving I agree with Rita, that's a gorgeous sunset!

5/19/2009 7:19 AM
I agree with you both....this should be about ART! ;-)

5/19/2009 7:15 AM
I LOVE BOBBYSURF's PHOTO....isn't part of photography enhancement? i voted for his on here before my own because it is better. the contest isn't called "taltopia's unedited summer sunset photography contest" so chill out....geesh....

5/19/2009 7:13 AM
Our task is to vote for photos that appeal to the eye, that scream out "beauty". In the case of this contest, taltopia will be making the final decision anyhow. So have fun and chill people. All the photos are beautiful here!

5/19/2009 7:11 AM
This is kind of sad to see. One of the reasons I like this site so much is because fellow photographers support each other. The fun is taken out when we start picking on someone's hard work, whether it is edited or not.

5/19/2009 3:49 AM
I shoot RAW all of the time, so every shot I take is manipulated to one degree or another...I think that the people voting are speaking well to the issue. Nice photo, Bobbysurf!

5/19/2009 3:37 AM
.....of course they manipulated the shot...it's all about the creative process, not just pointing at a subject to record the fact that you were there!

5/19/2009 3:37 AM
If someone were shooting film, and did a little dodging and burning in the darkroom....would you say that they had manipulated the shot?

5/18/2009 9:57 PM
people normally do forget what they say until its brought to their attention! Your just saying what everybody is thinking

5/18/2009 9:00 PM
the top 6. jgarms... sorry you're against my photo... i think you have a great shot. thanks to everyone who's stuck up for me. bobby

5/18/2009 8:58 PM
wow i missed a lot... photo is original, i did basic color correction, this is supposed to be for fun... i would want people to look up to my photo not second guess it. there is a lot of great talent on here and i'm just stoked to be in ...

5/18/2009 8:50 PM
well he's winning now so apparently no one else is worried that it is not "original"

5/18/2009 8:29 PM
Cool, Now with the digital camera means digital enhancements and it doesn't leave much room for the pureist anymore. Gotta take the good with the bad.

5/18/2009 8:20 PM
Some of it's features aren't that hot but I got it for the macro and the super macro capabilities. I have since started to learn about aperature settings and shudder speed. check out the waterfall pics I took this last weekend. I like it.

5/18/2009 8:03 PM
No film here, I just have a point and shoot Fuji s1000. Your turn

5/18/2009 7:48 PM
And so too, even into the forties, Any manip with the brightness and contrast made a photographer's style unique and memerable, as in the LOOK magazine covers!

5/18/2009 7:47 PM
Well put, Naarta. I agree that some of the most wonderful photography in black and white was even brushed with a bit of rose to the cheeks or color in a curtain by the photographers of old.