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7/6/2009 1:39 PM
Congrats to all the winners!! Alot of great entries!!

7/5/2009 10:06 AM
Congrats to all the winners!

7/4/2009 10:01 PM
even though I'm not in the winning circle.......it feels like it with the amount of votes we got...........CHEERS! and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY..........BE SAFE!

7/4/2009 10:00 PM
Thank you all for your support of my photograph "What about our future?" It was a very spontaneous photo of my niece, RAchel, just having completed the canvas background of the new world order flag. She, looking so great in one of my hats.

7/4/2009 7:28 AM
CONGRATS to imthinkingoutloud!!

7/4/2009 12:03 AM
Happy 4th of July Everyone! They were some really great entries. Congratulations to everyone!

7/3/2009 8:52 PM
I call it The Forfeit of Freedom.

7/3/2009 8:51 PM
If you don't have a clue as to what I'm talking about, it's probably because you haven't been paying attention.

7/3/2009 8:49 PM
In light of current events on the political scene, I'd say pretty soon we'll all be celebrating DEPENDENCE DAY, not Independence Day. Progressives be damned!

7/3/2009 2:48 PM
kfoxscorpio ~ A tribute is in order! In rememberance of those, and for those who faught so long ago for our freedoms and independence ~ HAPPY FOURTH EVERYONE!!

7/3/2009 1:39 PM
Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!

7/3/2009 1:11 PM
There are so many great pictures on here I can see where it is hard to vote for just one. But to Honor Sgt. Brandon Wallace who Died for OUR COUNTRY and ALL of the Brave Men and Women, we would not be sitting her voting for anything.USA!!

7/3/2009 7:52 AM
Just voted like crazy! All these are great (although there are a couple I have no idea what they have to do with the 4th Of July - Ha!). Good Luck Everyone!

7/3/2009 6:26 AM
Thanks to all of you who voted for my son (little ones care too) Everyday he has made me check to see how many votes he has...he gets so excited. This has been alot of fun for us. Happy July 4th to everyone...have a safe weekend.

7/1/2009 8:56 AM
LEST WE FORGET, the Constitution - ergo, the U.S. government - has its roots in the bedrock of human reason, not the authority of religion. Your recommended summer reading: 'FREETHINKERS - A History of American Secularism' by Susan Jacoby.

6/30/2009 10:52 AM
I love all American Hot Dog! How cute! Hi everyone! Happy Fourth!!

6/28/2009 5:09 PM
Using that logic - and to infuse the whole process with at least a modicum of fairness, Kevin - the duration of every contest should not exceed a period of one day.

6/28/2009 6:45 AM
it would be better if taltopia would let you vote for the one you wanted for, at least once a day.

6/26/2009 8:25 AM
Thanks to all who voted for my son (little one's care too). I have to check everyday for him to see how many votes he has received....he gets so excited. Once again thank you!

6/21/2009 8:40 PM
wow, thanks Dee Dee and all, such kind words. Very appreciated.

6/21/2009 5:10 PM
Ditto on Abe. I really like that shot

6/19/2009 9:30 PM
Thanks Lori.

6/19/2009 8:01 PM
I like the angle you chose for Abe, good job :)

6/19/2009 11:13 AM
Sorry I'm late to the show. I didn't want to enter Abe when someone already had entered him. But I guess it is a different angel.

6/15/2009 1:49 PM
Thank you.

6/14/2009 8:38 PM
Great POV, sierralight! With the sun shining through the swirled flag it makes quite a striking photograph! Well done!

6/14/2009 7:18 PM
It is a valid premise that FOJ commemorates or serves as a memorial to those who took a stand against tyranny to preserve the sovereignty of every freedom-loving individual. We honor our brave ancestors by celebrating our Independence Day.

6/14/2009 7:18 PM
In defense of Aubrey's comments, the contest description uses the word, 'commemorates' twice - by definition, in this context, a specific reference to the 4th of July in that it 'memorializes' the day we proclaimed our independence in 1776.

6/14/2009 6:57 PM

6/14/2009 5:56 PM
Kathie, its a great entry! Wish I could paint!