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7/31/2009 6:18 PM
Thank you 4 all da votes u guyz.

7/31/2009 4:48 PM
Thanks Xander, your designs are awesome too.

7/31/2009 1:56 AM
Grumsby has amazing work.

7/30/2009 10:44 AM
1 day left folks! good luck everyone! be sure to use the "Promote This Entry" link to get more votes

7/30/2009 4:15 AM
There are some of the most CREATIVE work in this contest woo hoo!!! And, one more day left :(...I'm behind, sorry guys...voting now :)!

7/29/2009 3:09 PM
lol good job guys

7/27/2009 5:30 PM
nice job everyone

7/27/2009 2:04 PM
jacqueeg, Thank you very much, I'm new in this artistic community which I'm really enjoying, and you are showing me "the ropes." Greatly appreciated! I will soon upgrade membership, then, see you on the wall. Sincerely, WhiteDove23

7/27/2009 3:11 AM
I miss you little Jodie. Why.................. where.............what........................... .......

7/26/2009 10:22 PM
white Dove you get that many votes by being top bidder on wall of fame..everyone that looks at the wall while you are on top automatically gives you a view. YOu also get some kind of perk for being a prem. member!

7/25/2009 9:47 PM
The compitition is getting "FEIRCE"

7/25/2009 9:39 PM
Gee, Grumsby, you only have 1,660 views of your Taltopia Logo. Where did they all come from? How many members in Taltopia? You have extremely nice work on your Media Page. Thanks for sharing your work and your advice!

7/25/2009 9:30 PM
And, WhiteDove23, with 38 votes, closing in fast! LOL Only needs 112 votes to tie! LLOOLL

7/25/2009 9:24 PM
Grumsby 150; RickyBobby 149; wow, what a race! With all due respect, sir, how does this close race relate to your respected theory of "better not to use dark background." That is, if I truly understood your earlier advice. Curious. Thanks.

7/25/2009 3:54 AM
I think I can...I think I can...I think I can,lol.

7/23/2009 3:37 PM
Watch out Grumsby...I'm only 122 behind you and I'm closing in fast!! lol

7/23/2009 3:32 PM
Thanks, Grumsby. Your comments are greatly appreciated; I must admit, I don't claim to be a graphics artist, but I have fun; my field, of course, is radio; more on that, later. And, thanks LittleJodie for your response. Best of luck!!

7/23/2009 3:20 PM
Is it just like that cute way google dresses up its logo for holidays etc..we all know its google when we see it- Branding you know or did they want something completely different?

7/23/2009 3:18 PM
Usually when there is a call for Logo design its purpose is a bit more defined, which is helpful to any graphic design artist

7/23/2009 3:16 PM
I would love to see finelinedesign's rendition of the taltopia logo.

7/23/2009 1:57 PM
I like your white dove. But what I had talked about earlier to Krystal would apply. With a solid color background would probably require a redesign of the sight. Otherwise imagine your logo where the existing one is.

7/23/2009 1:04 PM
LittleJodie, Good question...looks like finelinedesign doesn't have an entry, and you are right, i.e., I agree, finelinedesign does have nice art work...I think finelinedesign should make an entry...What do you think, LittleJodie?

7/23/2009 12:35 PM
Does Finelinedesign have an entry?You have some fantastic art/media.

7/23/2009 11:55 AM
finelinedesign, I would like to know what you think about my entry...I appreciate an honest opinion. Thanks. I think artists should stay focused on their inner creative Spirituality; and appreciate controversy that they have created. Peace.

7/23/2009 11:44 AM
finelinede...has the rite to make any comment he chooses about art; Grumsby is correct; Ludwig van Beethoven was told by more than one teacher that he wouldn't make it, he stopped looking for teachers, and didn't listen to the critiques.

7/23/2009 8:29 AM
I have seen many very good artists have their hearts ripped out by a art director and go home crying. The standards are so high. Graphic designers need to have thick skin to survive in that profession.

7/23/2009 8:26 AM
I don't like the kids approach anymore than anyone here. But having said that, I have lived in the graphic design field for many years and it is a completely different field than fine arts or photography.

7/22/2009 5:36 PM
I find it rude to suggest that 'these are all terrible'. I am sure most of those who entered put quite a bit of effort into their logo submissions.

7/22/2009 4:56 PM
ok- imthinkingoutloud's is ok too

7/22/2009 4:55 PM
ok, here are the good ones: grumsby's is nice, and Alexj182's is ok. the rest are either ripoffs of the current logo, or photoshopped abortions.