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7/15/2009 11:37 PM
Hi everyone. I found this wild fuzzy rat like thing and took a pic. Hard to get because they move so fast.

7/15/2009 2:25 PM
i became a premium member specifically to be a part of this contest. I was torn between the tortoise and the picture of a giraffe..

7/14/2009 9:36 AM
Thanks Janese. He was an interesting fellow. I find the Galapagos Tortoise to be quite intriguing. Especially because their life span and its neat to think about all the things they have seen and been through.

7/13/2009 7:03 PM
Wow...that's amazing! To think that it was born in the early 1900's!!! Really cool Jeanine!

7/13/2009 12:06 PM
it was HUGE! Sorry about the image name, i forgot to change it before I uploaded. It was just over 90 years old

7/13/2009 10:17 AM
Beautiful tortoise entry DSCF0355! Was it as big as it looks?

7/12/2009 12:09 PM
Good luck. Both pics are great. I ran into several turkey vultures eating a coyote, but I didn't have my camera, dang it

7/12/2009 10:26 AM
Thank you Carrie, I love yours as well! He looks like that lion for G~M, that you see at the beginning of the old movies! Best of luck to you in the contest! Let's try to get some more entries!

7/10/2009 7:55 PM
I'm in with "Bug Search"! This red-headed woodpecker has been waking me up every morning for 3 weeks now! Noisy bird!

7/8/2009 8:57 PM
I was hoping to have my entry in by now, but it might take a couple of days! I'm down with my bad back! Hope to have a good competitior for this grand "old timer"! Until then, good luck!

7/7/2009 8:13 PM
Gorgeous shot Carrie! So glad to see you enter something...you have been missed!!!I will go through my media right away to try to find you some competition! Good luck!