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8/5/2009 10:38 PM
Great fly shot, Rebecca

8/3/2009 8:16 PM
Same goes for you, Rebecca...way to go! That fly of yours is great!

8/2/2009 7:04 PM
WHOA...look at you JANESE...4th place...You GO GIRL!!! :) Beautiful entry btw!! :)

8/2/2009 10:40 AM
Thank you astridL, I appreciate the support!

8/1/2009 12:56 PM
didn't get stung but he was looking at me with all of his eyes!

7/31/2009 1:59 AM
Amazing capture Grumsby, I hope you didnt get stung. lol

7/30/2009 10:52 PM
i'm up with the creepy crawlies. having trouble voting. too many good pics

7/29/2009 2:55 AM
Hey Trish, Great to see you back. Thanks for the nice comment.

7/28/2009 11:18 PM
yea, it's all good fun till it bites me and I swell up like a pumpkin :#

7/28/2009 8:15 PM
OH MAN Grumsby. That was WAY too funny. I laugh because it's funny and cry because its true,lol.

7/26/2009 7:06 PM
Thanks Trish! I agree with you completely...the talent on Taltopia is truly amazing!

7/26/2009 12:24 PM
I shouldn't even point someone out each shot up here are really very talented shots...Man Taltopia's got talent!!! I'll go to your sites .

7/26/2009 12:21 PM
Janese and Grumsby love yours! There's alot of awesome shots! I'll pass I don't do good with bugs cant get a strong enough zoom lens!

7/26/2009 9:54 AM
Gads! Every time I come here to vote I start itching. I'm starting to get a rash. It was hard to get a clear picture of my subject because I couldn't keep the camera still. Guess I'm a wimp.

7/25/2009 3:05 AM
Now I'm gonna have nightmares

7/24/2009 12:37 PM
There are alot of good entries in here but I can't say I like this contest too much, bugs creep me out! lol Good luck to everone:)!

7/24/2009 12:11 PM
That one looks like it has a moustache! Thanks itsmymoment for the nice compliment.

7/24/2009 11:52 AM
Yes. That spider is quite creepy too. They have such weird faces

7/24/2009 11:08 AM
I think Itsmymoment is the brave one. That is a creepy spider. Gives me the heebie jeebies! ha ha

7/24/2009 10:57 AM
Whoa, Glam that is one creepy looking insect. You are brave to get that close. I can see the hairs on the leaves

7/24/2009 10:54 AM
Slippery I think it should, mine is a bug for sure! LOL I just entered a creepy crawly. Enlarge for the full effect! :)

7/24/2009 9:49 AM
Does a pic of your Ex qualify : )

7/23/2009 8:46 PM
Good luck, Janese. I do love your work, Janese, but this little creature is "Wicked."