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9/13/2009 4:47 AM
Hi Rebecca, My story is in a Radio Play format depicting the human atrocity of human slavery with music by Beethoven, my narration & character acting with a picture by Turner: THE SLAVE SHIP. I hope this format is okay for the contest.

9/9/2009 9:50 PM
Thanks Rebecca. True story. I call those years the "Deer Wars". LOL

9/8/2009 10:32 AM
I am amazed...it was worth the wait... WONDERFUL ENTRIES..I do believe this is going to be the HARDEST vote for me YET! I'll just kinda even it out...this way I feel fair :)! GOOD luck to you both :)!! And thank YOU so MUCH for entering...

9/8/2009 10:31 AM
Mary...I LOVED your entry...Home grown Tomatoes..what a GREAT idea for a 'picture book' :D...OMG..there is so much totally AMAZING talent in here that makes mine look like a ...uh...we won't go there LMAO :)..seriously though..

9/8/2009 10:29 AM
OMG...Isradima, your story was AMAZING!!! WOW..did you write it just for this contest, or was it somethn' you've worked on for a while? IF you haven't yet...you REALLLLY should consider having it published! IT IS AMAZING! :) Good Luck :D

9/8/2009 10:21 AM
OMG...I am SOOOOO happy u guys/gals tee hee!!! I haven't checked back here for a while..I kinda gave up on anyone joining...but YIPPEEE :)! Thanx!!! Now, to read!!! :)

9/4/2009 7:12 PM
I'm gonna try this one Rebecca...I'm just trying to find something interesting to write about! I mostly take pics of my kids and flowers! lol...I'll think of something...

8/30/2009 5:12 PM
Cool contest idea Rebecca. Good stories, both of you. Mine's a couple of years old, but I think it fits the criteria...check it out.

8/27/2009 10:08 PM
Very cool rebecca, I hope mine doesnt put people to sleep, lol

8/24/2009 12:17 PM
Awww...thanx you guys!!! I appreciate the comments, really I do...just hope some more people join :)!!!

8/23/2009 7:25 PM
LOL...that WAS cute Rebecca. :)

8/22/2009 10:42 AM
Great story Rebecca You are very creative

8/20/2009 12:30 PM
A very cute story, Rebecca!