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9/11/2009 5:36 AM
Well, no offense meant Wicked, I love your work, but you always do so extremely well with votes, no one else has a chance to win any contest you enter.

9/10/2009 11:14 PM
After that situation I do not really trust wasting my time with contests. In a system where the winner is not picked by the votes of the people, I see no point in participating. I don't care about the prize itself. But its just un-American.

9/10/2009 11:07 PM
Apparently the staff have their own "secret" method of "picking" a winner. Contrary to the votes of us actual artists. I suppose none of us professional artists have the qualifications to determine winners with our votes.

9/10/2009 11:04 PM
Not really, if the Graphics Design contest is any reflection of how the contests are actually run. Votes by members of the community actually mean very little.

9/9/2009 10:54 AM
it seems that as long as your the first to enter, you have a solid chance of winning

9/8/2009 8:20 AM
Got you 2 yesterday and 2 today. Well check daily.

9/8/2009 7:25 AM
I voted 4 my favs...all great entries. Good luck to all! =)

9/7/2009 10:31 PM
Thank you Grumsby.

9/7/2009 9:06 AM
Nice job Xander.

9/5/2009 9:20 AM
Great entries! I recommend everyone enlarging them all to really see the details! Good luck to you all!

9/5/2009 12:23 AM
thanks :o)

9/5/2009 12:20 AM
AWESOME ENTREES!!! :) I especially love how all of you so far have used the art of WORDS for the advertising :)!!! GOOD luck to you ALL :D!!!