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9/18/2009 9:14 PM
Thanks Ashley!

9/18/2009 3:43 PM
love that photo mincrocks!!! when i have my next child i would love some shots done just the same!!

9/17/2009 7:27 PM
Thank you! I also like several entries in this one! I've spread my votes around! Good luck to you all!

9/15/2009 3:37 PM
Janese I like Brotherly Love and I also like love. Good Luck all.

9/14/2009 7:35 PM
Thanks Dick!

9/14/2009 4:32 PM
Very nice minxrock, I use that same one when shooting portraits

9/10/2009 6:48 PM
nice photo, taykristine! I really like the effect of coloring the inside of the heart! Very creative!

9/10/2009 9:40 AM
taykristine420 this would work for the 3/4 contest also very cool !!!

9/8/2009 5:54 PM
Thanks Ashley, I like your pic too!

9/7/2009 10:47 PM
Yeah SingingBeauty...you did good! RickyBobby you might be right, but the little one fell down right before this, and his brother gave him a big hug. Of course I started clicking photos as fast as I could! Proof they love each other! LOL!

9/7/2009 6:24 PM
wowsies! I finally made a contest that people*like* yahooties to me! Lol i just felt i should express my pure bliss in this moment for everyone to know!

9/7/2009 6:21 PM
Dont worry about it CrazyRedBeard, its a good entry, deserves a chance. I mean i would have liked them all to be black and white, but its really whatever, every picture is welcome!

9/7/2009 2:22 PM
Janese...not Janice..my bad

9/7/2009 2:21 PM
Janice,I'm with missmilf.I've told u b4 how much I like that 1.You say their purdy rough sometimes..Maby the older in this is tryin 2 get younger in a head lock in disguise as a hug,lol.

9/7/2009 11:18 AM
minxrocks that is a beautiful shot, Good Luck to everyone:)!

9/6/2009 3:11 PM
Thank you missmilf09! My grandsons can be pretty rough with each other, but catching this tender moment between them, gives me hope! lol!

9/6/2009 12:13 PM
janese i love that black n white shot! beautiful.

9/6/2009 8:21 AM
Oops!!! Didnt read carefully! Sorry for te color entry. You can just remove it. Sorry!!!

9/5/2009 9:37 PM
I just entered with "Brotherly Love"! Proof that my grandsons love each other! lol (they're usually trying to knock each other down or something crazy!) LOL!

9/5/2009 9:57 AM
Woo hoo another contest another day.!