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9/22/2009 9:59 AM
great photos everyone! I just entered, check mine out, thanks!

9/22/2009 8:56 AM
Great JOB Emily Broome

9/22/2009 8:56 AM
Please lets make this a photography contest instead of a popularity contest. It seems the more friends you have the higher you score. I am not taking away anything from the people in the top 6 but I do recognize unequality here.

9/22/2009 8:53 AM
Continued from below...I can't understand that such a fine piece of artistic photography like "laying in water" is not in the top 3. I continuously see the same folks in the same places in different contest.

9/22/2009 8:51 AM
Continued from below....A good photo should be balanced in contrast to expose as much detail as possible. It shoud be clear and sharply focused unless the artisitc approach is a soft image.

9/22/2009 8:49 AM
I don't understand how this works! I have been a professional photographer all my working years and teach photography at a local college so you need to forgive me if I sound blunt. What do you guys consider to be a good photograph?

9/20/2009 1:01 PM
thanks to everyone who voted for me so far!

9/17/2009 11:26 PM
wow. when i first took a look at the picture i swore it was fake. then after looking at a few times i wasnt sure!! its beautiful!

9/17/2009 4:56 PM
Please vote for me ! [01] Thank you ! Good luck everyone. (:

9/16/2009 9:40 PM
That is a real picture. Actually it is my sister and her husband in the Domincan Republic.

9/15/2009 6:06 PM
i do like under the sea!!! is that a real picture??? or fake???

9/14/2009 4:30 AM
Thanks everyone for your votes! The gopher fish uses the tentacle on the top of his head as a fishing rod and lure to catch fish...Imagine...a fish that fishes!

9/13/2009 7:55 PM
under the sea is great!

9/13/2009 6:27 PM
Wow, there are some good shots in this contest. Id have to say in my personal opinion "Under the sea" by Msharp took the majority of my votes. GOod luck everyone and be sure to check out my contests and music.

9/10/2009 9:01 PM
vote for me please!!! sea36!! im trying to win a new camera!!!! needs some fame bucks guys!!!!:)

9/9/2009 7:27 PM
give me a vote! Please?