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10/23/2009 9:13 PM
I 3rd it!What is the point to cheat on here?Don't you want to win knowing it was because people liked what YOU created?I makes me feel good when ppl vote for me.I feel pride in what Ive created.

10/23/2009 5:49 PM
I 2nd it! Thanks Janese.

10/23/2009 11:32 AM
VERY well said Janese...I totally agree

10/23/2009 10:53 AM
To all of you who are setting up phony accounts to vote for yourself, I can't imagine that you feel any pride in your "win"! It only means you like yourself...why bother?

10/23/2009 10:51 AM
then you're missing the whole point! These aren't contest for money...they are about the art and the artists! I also hope everyone wins at some point, but I hope it's because they work hard to produce great work!

10/23/2009 10:49 AM
Then, winning really means something to me! It means that all of the hard work I do to study f-stops, perspectives, lighting, etc... are paying off, and I'm taking quality photos. If you're just voting for your friends...

10/23/2009 10:46 AM
This SHOULD be all about the "art"! I vote on the photo that I think is the best! Most of the time I vote for other people. When I'm fortunate enough to actually win, I know it's because some of you think I deserve to. Then...

10/22/2009 7:09 PM
I Don't Condole Cheating But If They Are Why Worry About It I'm Sure They Know The Rules But You Would Think If They Were They Would Have Won Or Did Better Than What They Did Right ?

10/22/2009 7:05 PM
I Know People That Just Create A Profile To Vote On Pics Nothing More Than That It Just All Depends On Who You Know really You Don't Have To Put Anything On Your Bio To Vote !!!

10/21/2009 10:25 PM
I gave him or her votes too. I wasn't questioning if it was good or not, I was just questioning how all the votes got there so fast being that I have only seen Idermid75 in one contest besides this one.

10/21/2009 7:51 PM
I Voted On ldermid75 And I Don't Know Who He Is Either But I Like His Pictures And So Did My Family I Think He Has Alot Of Talent So If Our Votes Helped Him Get Up In Votes Sorry Its Called A Contest People !!! Great Job ldermid75 =) !!!!

10/21/2009 3:03 PM
Oops make that 11 string Ovation!!

10/21/2009 9:00 AM
Oh....yer in 2nd cuz I WUV you silly :) tee hee...no..I voted on a LOT of good pix...yours being one of them!!! :D I'm sure I wasn't the only one voting for ya girl :)....Good luck everyone :) There's a LOT of nice Linear shots in here:)!

10/21/2009 12:02 AM
trying to figure it out. they must have stayed up all night to amass so many votes. Besides that, I would hope they could fill out their profile so we know a little something about them.

10/20/2009 11:57 PM
I don't think there is any. But it is kind of weird that someone with no friends to vote for you, and "Bam" instantly they have like 122 votes? Doesn't that burn the guy that only has 100 votes after 4 days? I started this contest and I am

10/20/2009 6:46 PM
You can cheat with a program I think,or voting constantly.

10/20/2009 6:13 PM
Not if Idermid75 is cheating.Somethings funny tho..

10/20/2009 11:50 AM
lol, I didn't see your entry till just now Rebecca Jeanine71, cute framing... ;o)

10/20/2009 11:48 AM
Cathie, great new entry, great perspective! Pretty door too! ;o)

10/20/2009 11:46 AM
Don't know who Idermid75 is, but noticed the same thing on the Black & white contest that just ended. However, they were not able to keep up the votes to take the win.

10/20/2009 5:28 AM
I LOVE EVERYONE'S entries!!! WAY 2 GO!! :) THIS is going to be a tough one to vote on!!! Good luck everyone :D!!!

10/20/2009 1:46 AM
I'm entering with CinemaScope-Linear.Hope you guys like it.

10/19/2009 11:12 PM
Does anyone know who this Idermid75 is? His entry wasn't on here a day ago and now he has 122 votes.

10/17/2009 10:08 AM
Hey everyone, take a look at the contest "One in a million" :-)

10/15/2009 9:48 PM
Thanks Grumsby! It's actually a leaf blowing across the bottom of the picture. great entries everyone!

10/14/2009 12:49 AM
I'm in with "Public Dock". Fun idea for a contest!Some great entries already. :)

10/13/2009 8:47 PM
Hey Preston is that a bird in your shot? Wow, I just noticed how linear everyone is looking at the entries block. Nice.

10/13/2009 8:14 PM
Great contest...and wonderful entries so far! I'm in with "Red Board"! Good luck to everyone!

10/13/2009 4:50 PM
Lonely Day and Snowy fence line are great examples of linear perspective. Great job everyone.

10/13/2009 4:00 PM
Cool contest..I'm in with snowy fence line