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2/17/2010 8:27 PM
congrats Janese! and congrats RebeccaJeanine, for me u r a winner also!

2/17/2010 8:25 PM
I just wanted to thank you all for your kind congratulations! This is the first big contest that Ive won and Im truly appreciative! Everyone submitted a great entry and I'm proud to be able to compete on the same level as all of you! Thanks

2/17/2010 6:47 PM
OH...didn't know I could still write messages after contest closed LOL...goes to show how BLONDE in da brain I AM!!! LMAO!!!! :D JANESE...It couldn't of happened to a MORE deserving and WONDERFUL PERSON in the WORLD...and sis..GET BETTER!!

2/17/2010 2:47 PM
congratulations Janese! Enjoy your new camera you deserve it!

2/17/2010 10:31 AM
Well, my sis didn't win after all, but I see she won the other (Valentine) contest, so congratulations Rebecca for that win!! CONGRATULATIONS JANESE for winning THIS contest!! Way to go girl!! =) Cute elf, btw, hehe...

2/16/2010 10:49 PM
Just a reminder... Attention: Any form of cheating in contests is strictly forbidden and will result in deletion of your account

2/16/2010 9:29 PM
I wonder if this is Taltopia's longest contest?!! It sure made the Holidays last longer...;o) Thanks to everyone that helped make this an official contest! And best wishes to all!

2/16/2010 7:55 PM
Congratulations everyone for hanging in there on this long contest!

2/16/2010 5:00 PM
Tammy and mom and all my friends thank you so much for spreading the word to all your friends and family too.

2/15/2010 10:11 PM
But, Thanx sweetie...u are a real sweetheart...SHOCKED the HECK outta me here lol :)!!! WOO HOO...well...good luck to whoever does end up winning and is lucky enough to have that NIIIIICE camera...maybe ONE day it'll happen for me :D

2/15/2010 10:09 PM
OMG..CRASH...thanx doll :D!!!! YOU are SOOO SWEET!!!!! But..I won't win...I won the VD Contest...and, I honestly don't think I'll win two in a row :(...but, it's kewl :)...someone else in here could use the camera too, I'm sure :) But, tha

2/15/2010 2:45 PM

2/15/2010 2:08 PM
OMG...aren't u all gettn' excited??!!! :D We have one day and EIGHT hours left...then someone is gonna be able to take the BEST photos w/ that BEAUTIFUL camera!!! WOO HOO!!! I wish you ALL the BEST of luck! Love You ALLLL :D

2/13/2010 10:01 PM
WoW! I go away a few days and come back to an actual contest!! Yea! And, WaY to Go Janese!! And Peace... Voting is... you can't give all of your votes for the one you want, you have to vote in the random order they come at you. ck w/Allen

2/13/2010 10:00 PM
You are so welcome Rebecca.I'm so happy that some one is going to win the camera this time.

2/13/2010 12:49 PM
awww...Peace...why don't ya get ahold of Allen or one of the other Co-Owners?? Just click "contact us" on the front page, and let him know yer havn' trouble :)!!! I hope yer able to vote!! :)

2/13/2010 8:11 AM
wow 3 days I've tried to vote but it just won't come up for me to vote for it....wow!

2/13/2010 3:07 AM
LoL @ Janese...GOTTA LOVE YA girl!!! :D Stay sweet sis :) n, thanx Idermid!!! :D

2/12/2010 7:52 AM
I don't get it....I want to vote for one but it never comes up RANDOM. Is there a limit on voting?

2/11/2010 8:05 PM
Sorry about that, Rebecca...I call em like I see em! lol!

2/11/2010 8:04 PM
Thank you for entering wondermombb! Your little Christmas beauty is a doll!

2/11/2010 6:50 PM
Rebecca you go girl

2/11/2010 6:40 PM
WOW! I can vote.

2/10/2010 11:27 PM
OMG!!!!! JANESE...I'm SHOCKED at you SiS!!! :oP I DO have to say...

2/10/2010 9:07 PM
Im entering late but heres my entry

2/10/2010 6:37 PM
MattIsaac, Im sure that whoever wins this will be very happy, not just for the camera but for the honor of "winning"! It sounds pretty ungrateful to complain that a prize is not good enough for you! Would you like help finding another site?

2/10/2010 6:33 PM
Thank you kaybar! We'd all like to see this contest have a winner! We appreciate you adding your photo!

2/8/2010 4:18 PM
The Rebel series is not one of Canon's professional series of DSLRs. How then can it be one of the most professional as this contest implies? Again, this is another reason this site annoys me...

2/8/2010 1:51 PM
Awww...thanx Victoria...and GOOD LUCK to you tooooo :D I LOVE ya'lls entries!!! :)

2/8/2010 12:20 PM
I like your photo kaybar, thx for helping and good luck RebeccaJeanine!