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2/2/2010 1:40 PM
so the winner had fewer votes than many, and the photo that should have won, which is way out of my league, finished as the second runner up. What's the point of voting if they don't count towards a win?

2/2/2010 1:34 PM
The runner up is not selected by Taltopia's staff, but is automatically updated as the user with the next most votes

2/2/2010 1:27 PM
So the top two finishers aren't New Year-related...

2/2/2010 12:59 PM
it is not only u!

2/2/2010 12:19 PM
Is it just me, or is the runner-up a drawing/print that has nothing to do with new years?

2/2/2010 11:50 AM
well, congrats! though the theme was: New Years Photography Contest, your was from Independence Day.

1/25/2010 8:58 PM
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1/19/2010 8:27 PM
Please Help...we need 2 more Premium Members to enter the Holday Photo contest! There's still time for you to get votes, so you could possibly even win the camera! We'd really appreciate it!!!

1/4/2010 9:29 PM
Please vote !

1/2/2010 8:50 PM
good pics to all :)