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1/19/2010 8:26 PM
Please Help...we need 2 more Premium Members to enter the Holday Photo contest! There's still time for you to get votes, so you could possibly even win the camera! We'd really appreciate it!!!

1/16/2010 2:08 AM
I'm a sucker for gas lamps!!

1/15/2010 7:32 PM
I love your use of lighting in your photo LDL, dekkal! It creates beautiful shadows and great drama! Well done!

1/14/2010 6:41 PM
Thank you LostBlueAngel...that's so kind of you! On behalf of all of the entries, we appreciate you taking notice and for your votes...wherever they went! Thank you too, jazzcat! It makes it all worthwhile to know people enjoy it!

1/13/2010 4:00 PM
Nice work everyone..I did my voting..of course I'm not in the contest. :) But I just wanted you all to know I think you did awesome jobs!

1/7/2010 1:17 PM
there are some really great photos entered here...nice work everyone

1/6/2010 8:02 PM
I will have to take credit for this one, Rebecca! There are some wonderful night photos here, and I've enjoyed seeing each and every one of them! I sure hope that you do join us! Thank all of you for entering!

1/6/2010 2:01 PM
So...which one of you creative minds made this contest???!!! :) I am SO going to have to go through my media and enter this one, tee hee!!! :) I see there's some REALLLL kewl work in here :D!!! Good Luck all!!

12/31/2009 11:01 AM
happy new year all

12/29/2009 9:36 AM
Cool contest!!!!Lots of great night shots here too...!!!!!Fun to view..Thanks for sharing everyone.

12/28/2009 9:29 PM
Orion is beautiful....you can see the different colors of the stars!

12/28/2009 10:47 AM
I'm in with Orion, you have to open it to view it!!

12/23/2009 8:31 PM
Thank you Grumsby...yes I did use a flash, and there was a full moon out which helped, but I also had my outdoor spotlights that I adjusted to shine down on them! Thanks for asking!

12/23/2009 8:07 PM
Love your shot Janese. Did you use a flash?

12/22/2009 9:51 AM
I just enlarged both of your entries, and they are wonderful! karshotz...that was outstanding timing to catch that lightening! Grumsby...I love the starburst effect of all the lights, but the streetlights look like little sunshines! Love it

12/22/2009 9:46 AM
Great entries, karshotz and Grumsby! Thank you so much for joining the contest, and good luck to both of you!