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3/28/2010 9:35 AM
da doctor says farewell is an awesome tune

3/28/2010 8:26 AM
hey mccabes whenya coming to flag to perform?

3/28/2010 5:09 AM
Thanks Adrian - I appreciate your kind words!

3/27/2010 9:12 PM
walbash u rock!

3/27/2010 6:35 PM
I agree, the Mccabes really have a great song - nice harmony as well!

3/27/2010 5:18 PM
I agree celticgeorge these 2 can write! the farewell song is great!

3/27/2010 5:10 PM
mccabes u did it again great tune

3/27/2010 1:02 PM
haha Yes you are so old, Juan. I'm not even putting my age on here. I met a woman last week who is 92 and just got 4 of her songs picked up for TV and movies. Her name is Ellie Leighton.

3/27/2010 8:25 AM
Great contest - best wishes to all!

3/27/2010 7:59 AM
thanks everyone for the compliment and votes, thats why I like this site, people in it make you feel liked and appreciated for what you do and I'm honored, especially at my age

3/27/2010 4:01 AM
Haha, thanks a bunch PlayGroundKiller :) But I just noticed you need to pay $1.00 to enter. I only have $0.27 in my account. Oh well! Hahaha...And your song is awesome by the way. I love it. That rhythm that it carries throughout is KILLER!

3/27/2010 3:01 AM
How acoustic does it have to be? I have a song that I did with an acoustic/electric guitar. And it has drums. Does that count?

3/25/2010 9:11 AM
You all are so talented. Got some votes in.

3/23/2010 9:15 PM
Love this contest. I'm with Slippery. I got nothin lol. I love the acoustic sound. I bow down to you all on this 1. Voting is tough here 4 me. I do like it all a lot!!! Rock On

3/23/2010 9:00 PM
Well record something with acoustic right quick.

3/23/2010 1:36 PM
I used to play 12 string till I got the rock bug. Wish I had something recorded from those days. GL everyone.

3/22/2010 8:00 PM
There have to be more than just us out there with acoustic originals.

3/22/2010 3:41 PM
Thanks you should check out other songs .