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4/5/2010 5:29 AM
is the jack nic song a true story?

4/4/2010 11:32 PM
Great songs its hard to pick the best

4/4/2010 9:53 PM
thanks for the votes everyone. wrote that song improv thats i swear the formula for good ones they just come out of you. and there is such awe inspiring talent in this contest

William Fu...
4/4/2010 9:29 PM
yes, we are in a "contest", but music is not a sport. music(to me)is more like an inner voice. there are no "winners" or "losers" when it comes to music... just different voices of(at the risk of sounding corny)everyone's soul speaking out.

4/4/2010 8:32 PM
thanks dr b we really dont control who votes for us and what is said..we tell folks to vote and hope they will but we are happy we won the christmas contest thats enough 4 us

4/4/2010 4:33 PM
look we dont want to argue with anyone we just are who we are and want the best for all...keep writing and do your thing

4/4/2010 4:09 PM
My song is about a hooker, who maybe wasn't all that smart. But worked to redeem herself, while continuing to utilize her one and only skill.. i couldn't resist..

4/4/2010 4:09 PM
this is me not sh lands me me a friend geesh

4/4/2010 3:46 PM
if u r a cop then good for you..one of us wears a badge as well! very cool..keep writing

4/4/2010 3:44 PM
we are not a cult we have fun on here and we stand firm in our music..and we listen to all entries we are content with ourselves as well

4/4/2010 3:41 PM
we have a email set up where our group of fans vote for us by simply telling them via phone,,including family and via email...look we could care less about winning and we voted for you 15 times and sww alot too...

4/4/2010 2:32 PM
thanks for all the votes love you all happy easter x

4/4/2010 1:52 PM
When i say current , i mean fresh, now, marketable... Unpretentious even. "Let it Shine"

4/4/2010 1:35 PM
hey shadowlands r u still gonna do a tour of Ireland we heard about?

4/4/2010 1:01 PM
good job thrash sww and shadowlands

4/4/2010 12:55 PM
why do some take this contest so seriously? omg some need to just relax and quit the "Iwanna be a rock star"syndrome

4/4/2010 12:46 PM
playground your tune isnt top notch by any means if ya wanna get real about it..the title fits

4/4/2010 12:44 PM
wow playground..back off..we could care less about if we win or lose its all in fun and hey we are sorry if we have fans

4/4/2010 11:28 AM
Break out the black leather apparel guys and join the YSIBL Beef Cake contest. You can also be in my upcoming video if you want.

4/4/2010 11:26 AM
Happy Easter everyone : )

4/4/2010 11:02 AM
snow mountain is da bomb why in heavens name are these 2 not signed to a major label?and their tune on the acoustic contest is just as good

4/4/2010 10:56 AM
I have to admit, "Let it shine" is the most current sounding tune in the contest.. Brilliant work!

4/4/2010 5:14 AM
HAPPY EASTER to you...one and all.

4/4/2010 1:09 AM
Hum... 3rd place was good while it lasted, haha. Oh well! Thanks to anyone who has voted and continues to vote for me :) I'm gonna go make me a pb & j sandwich now.

4/3/2010 2:11 PM
what are"near perfect chord progressions"? omg is that what we are missing? good tune "fly" really it is...

4/3/2010 12:38 PM
Go Shadowlands!!!!

4/3/2010 10:31 AM
Go Shadowlands : ) That is a cool guitar you are getting, Terry I want a Gibson SG, but I only need $2,500 to get it LOL

4/3/2010 7:58 AM
Check out "Fly", critics have put us 78th in the world in Alternative on the www.indiemusic1.com. "Fly" has near perfect chord progressions along with an inspirational story about when women over coming the odds and shining like heaven.

4/2/2010 10:48 PM
go go go sww

4/2/2010 10:43 PM
thanks for all the kind words and happy easter to everyone and remember its more the a day about bunnies..lol