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4/12/2010 4:17 PM
thank you janese...love your little bird...looks like he's got an attitude

4/12/2010 10:00 AM
Wow KWillette...I remember doing a pinhole photo in college! It's not an easy technique to master! (mine didn't turn out that great)! lol!

4/12/2010 9:52 AM
Nice ferris wheel, jazzcat! There are some really wonderful photo entered in this contest...way to go folks, you're very inspiring!

4/11/2010 8:19 PM
great photos wow we voted hey come to the music contests and check us out

4/11/2010 12:28 AM
It took a while to seperate the wheat from the chaff, but there's some glorious work on here.

4/10/2010 7:19 PM
Purrfect, I love that shot of the dog and the baby deer. What's the story behind it?

4/10/2010 6:28 PM
I know a guy that makes pinhole photography art that can make the owner of a expensive diggi camera jealous. It is the photographer, his eye, skill and creativeness. Im gonna stick w/ my Nikons however :P

4/10/2010 11:27 AM
I agree. I just get lucky sometimes, but don't really have the talent many of you do. I took my shot posted here with a 5MP camera and it is clearer than many shots I've taken with a better unit

4/10/2010 11:16 AM
I want to thank everyone for voting for Dixie and the baby deer.... there are so many good pictures to choose from....

4/10/2010 7:45 AM
I love the shoes

4/9/2010 8:45 PM
So true. My friend uses a point & shoot & she takes amazing pictures. I've even seen good ones on a phone camera. Its the eye. You either have it or eh...

4/9/2010 6:34 PM
I think it's the photographer, not the camera. I've seen some great cell phone pics, and some crappy ones from 35mm or high res digital. It's all in the eye of the artist. :)

4/9/2010 2:05 PM
I take a lot of pride in my photographs. I hope it shows. Just hope the people know the good from the bad.;-)

4/8/2010 10:15 PM
TY Armymom :)

4/8/2010 9:53 PM
jazcat another vote for you! and i voted for all the good photos as well kwillette you too

4/8/2010 9:43 PM
windover is nice and colorfull

4/8/2010 7:15 PM
I don't understand how someone can be so comfy being so judgemental. If you don't like a photo don't vote for it. As far as how long it takes thats the site administrators. The rest are simply joining a contest as David said.

4/8/2010 6:50 PM
Umm, this is a contest right? So aren't alot of people supposed to enter MsLavender?

4/8/2010 4:56 PM
please please please please please vote fow images

4/8/2010 4:48 PM
Hey wow. There is alot of kool photos on here. Good luck everyone.

4/8/2010 10:13 AM
jazz cat this is a great entry

4/8/2010 9:58 AM
beaufifull little girl

4/8/2010 1:32 AM
agreed! there are many fantastic photos. great work!

4/7/2010 6:41 PM
All these are so wanderful. It is a tough competition!!

4/7/2010 6:15 PM
Some great shots here, once you get thru the junk. I guess the I-pod is too much to resist. LOL

4/7/2010 11:28 AM
Thank you to all who have voted for my pic! I really appreciate it. There are a lot of beautiful photos entered. =)

4/7/2010 11:27 AM
Wow This contest is getting massive since I last voted. Good luck everybody. Lots of great work here.

4/7/2010 10:29 AM
please vote for me

4/7/2010 9:55 AM
Thanks Mom :) Does that mean I get a cookie?......lol

4/7/2010 9:31 AM
servantez your is lovely