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5/7/2010 7:44 AM
Things are changing every hour! Good luck to everyone! You're amazing singers!

5/4/2010 6:34 PM
Wow...thanks everyone for entering...I'm so glad I wasn't the only one doing covers lol

5/4/2010 4:37 PM
you all have such good music its hard to pick ! votes for everyone!

5/4/2010 9:29 AM
Thanks Tina for the opportnity and Yankee for the hello!!

5/4/2010 9:22 AM
Hi all! Good to be here too! I wish there were more song contests using covers! Ha! Thats all I sing!

5/4/2010 9:10 AM
great music eveyone good luck to all

5/4/2010 8:17 AM
Thanks, Tina! :D I haven't listened to your song in this contest yet... I'll have to do that. :) I don't want to sound too cocky, but someone told me my Revelation song was better than the original. :P He's a rocker though. :)

5/4/2010 6:22 AM
Wow. I jst listened to Your Cheatin Heart. I love that ole song. You did it proud Lilbitocountry. Tina, always AMAZING what u do to a song:)

5/4/2010 5:55 AM
have a great week everyone..wish we all could do a concert together like a benefit show!

5/4/2010 4:50 AM
YAY!!! TDCs in the house. Good ta c ur pretty face sweety. And 2 hear u sing another song. I gotta get out more:) Xs n Os

5/4/2010 1:01 AM
Great song CartoonistMusician! Thanks for entering the contest.

5/3/2010 3:28 PM
Everyone has fantastic work, keep it up :)))

5/3/2010 2:04 PM
wow i'm in 4th that's crazy! Thank you everyone!

5/3/2010 1:49 PM
Click on media or members and it will show how many over all votes you have in comparison to everyone on the site.

5/3/2010 1:48 PM
Also, if you click on the Taltopis Logo above and to your left, it will take you to the home page. Go about half way down and there will be a To Media, Fans section.

5/3/2010 1:47 PM
There is no way to see a comparison to other votes in a contest, besides making a note of how many votes you have and start voting on others, as they pop up you'll see their votes.

5/3/2010 1:31 PM
Does anyone know if there's a way to view all the different votes without clicking on the songs? This is my first contest here and I'd like to see how I'm doing in comparison.

5/3/2010 11:39 AM
It's your own fault you are on top with that incredible voice, Tina ; )

5/3/2010 9:02 AM
Woo! I've been entering contests lately! :D I don't have much cover songs I do, but put up my cover of the Revelation Song... not a super great song, but my best shot at this. :P

5/3/2010 7:34 AM
Tina, if you wind up with the most votes, you will get the FameBucks...but you can always donate them to someone else after you recieve them.

5/3/2010 7:32 AM
No, Taltopia only does that on Taltopia hosted contests. If it is a member run contest, it just is up to the top voted entry.

5/2/2010 9:25 PM
How the heck is this happening? I'm the host...the host cannot win the contest. Thanks for the votes but seriously...I can't win. If I win the prize goes to the person of MY choosing. Hmmm maybe it will be someone not even entered. ha

5/1/2010 10:27 AM
I know the feeling hubie LOL Go Tina!!!!

5/1/2010 8:34 AM
it's lonely at the bottom....... he he

4/28/2010 5:49 AM
the scoop is..taltopia takes the top 5 and chooses a winniner in the contests from those 5

4/26/2010 8:35 PM
TheMILL...we are still waiting for the epicness of your entry!!! Get it in so we can vote on it.

4/26/2010 8:32 PM
I think they're basing a lot of their votes on your hawt avatar photo Acoustic24. lol jk...you sound amazing. You too JamiSings. Thank you both for joining in.

4/26/2010 8:22 PM
Jami, you're not alone, I was highly surprised that I got so many votes with all this talent in here. Thank you all whom have voted for me, it's greatly appreciated. :)

4/26/2010 1:28 PM
I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised that I've got so many votes. Especially since I haven't promoted at all. I expected 25 at the most.

4/26/2010 12:44 PM
Great song joejoe! You sound amazing!