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5/31/2010 10:54 AM
Great contest good luck to everyone

5/28/2010 6:51 PM
Me too "Dude"...so much for the "personal touch"!

5/26/2010 6:04 PM
SPAM!! Dude you just put that same exact thing in my profile comment box!! I DO NOT appreciate it!!

5/26/2010 5:56 PM
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5/23/2010 7:04 PM
Thank you ShelleyK, it was an honor and a wonderful tribute!

5/23/2010 6:42 AM
Janese, thats a beautiful sentiment and such an honor to have been give that from a medicine man :)

5/22/2010 8:07 PM
I'm in with "Fallen Warrior". The notched Eagle feather was layed on my husbands casket by an Indian Medicine Man, and symbolizes a "Fallen Warrior". I hope it meets the criteria for this contest!

5/19/2010 8:03 PM
This is a wonderful tribute to those that served our country :)

5/19/2010 7:17 AM
great contest and i hope more people enter