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8/13/2010 2:39 PM
Or live in Germany? 14 I think?

8/13/2010 1:34 PM
I am. haha I have to wait until I'm 18 to sing that song here.

8/13/2010 12:28 PM
Is'nt she too young to drink?

8/13/2010 5:08 AM
Yeak Hub. I Might juft try that. Sounds fun AND challenging. I did That with Tina Rose for Whiskey Lullaby. It will be a while though cause she's as busy as a bee.

8/12/2010 7:11 PM

8/11/2010 8:24 AM
maybe I could do that part for ya and then send it back some how for u 2 sing over?

8/11/2010 1:52 AM
program that turns my keys into a guitar. Like "Cigarettes In The Rain" for example. It's pretty kool. I hardly know how to use it yet lol. Ya just can't beat the listening feel of a REAL guitar with the players emotions. U have that feel:)

8/11/2010 1:45 AM
Yeah Hubie"Someday" could really use some guitar. So could"U Don't know me and"I believe" Along with some others. I have a hard time getn my guitar playa off his duff. Since I don't play 6 string, some of my stuff is done with a software

8/10/2010 12:01 PM
tina rose for prez you got my vote just hire slippery when wet on as secretary of rock our real government needs to make that position

8/7/2010 7:34 PM
Yankee Yankee,,I'd like to play along with that one....someday.

8/7/2010 6:03 PM
since we on the Tina train....congrats for beating me on the last contest you won!...haha ..no really, good show.u go gurl..!

8/7/2010 10:48 AM
It's unaminous!! TR for Prez!!!

8/7/2010 10:40 AM
I agree...TinaRose, you have a wonderful future ahead of you! I love listening to all of the songs on here. There have been so many talented people come through this site. It is truly inspiring!

8/4/2010 7:49 PM
Yeah Slippery...What u said. Tina Rose for President :)

8/4/2010 10:41 AM
people who are 50. They could take a page from your book for sure.

8/4/2010 10:40 AM
Like you Tina, I am here just to promote my work, but don't like when people just vote you off the page for spite. There are plenty of fans to go around for everyone. What amazes me is you are only 16 and have a ton more common sense than

8/4/2010 10:39 AM
She especially likes to harass Janese for some strange reason. I don't know what her game is, but maybe she is just plain nuts. You can actually cash your famebucks in for money or other stuff. So maybe that is a motivator for some.

8/4/2010 10:36 AM
How cool playing a wedding, Hubie. I like what you said on the burning contest. The person you were talking to keeps getting booted and coming back under different names. She was MSLavendar last time. Then Blondwitch, Witchypoo and more.

8/4/2010 9:05 AM
or the NO ORIGINALS contest...I forget which..people were arguing. And it's mostly the people who don't participate in the contests but just come to vote for their friends. Like they're trying to stir stuff up on purpose.

8/4/2010 9:03 AM
I've won a couple but mostly...I just put my entry in and forget I've put it in. I just like to listen to everyone's music. That's why I hate when the contests have so few contestants. Even in that Ode to SWW contest I made

8/3/2010 7:38 PM
then again .it's only Rock n Roll. I had a real event of playin at a wedding this past saturday..people enjoyed and as long as someone enjoys then our job is done!

8/3/2010 7:35 PM
well im innocent ,,,I think I'VE WON 1 CONTEST,and that's cause I was the only entrant.

8/3/2010 7:18 PM
omg! you put it ever so simple and correct Tina! Like lets go to the Bank with or Taltopia bucks?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

8/3/2010 3:25 PM
with it? Ridiculous.

8/3/2010 3:24 PM
That's just stupid over there. The same thing happened on one of those contests I made a few months ago. OMG...it's not like there's actual money...or actual fame and fortune involved when you win. Why can't people just have some fun wit

8/3/2010 2:03 PM
Check out the Burning Clouds, contest, Hubie. It's a shame what is happening to this site.

8/3/2010 1:40 PM
oh well...knew that would happen ...cheaters eventually stand alone in what was a crowded room.

8/3/2010 11:42 AM
That what I said at first, Jazz, but it seems like a lot of people have left the site. I have actually had some people tell me they are out of here too because of the BS going on here. It was lively all last summer.

8/2/2010 7:41 PM
on vacation?...

8/2/2010 11:35 AM
This place has been a morgue lately.