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10/16/2010 1:16 PM
Yes, the baby hummingbird recovered and fluttered away after enjoying a sweet drink.

10/8/2010 1:11 PM
I love the larger birds of prey...they are just amazing to me..and that baby hummer..how cute...did he make it? They are so delicate..just seems the media in these contests keeps getting better and better...great work all

10/7/2010 9:20 PM

10/7/2010 4:48 PM
I will agree with Meri very nice hummingbird shot teezer and alot of other great shots good luck everybody

10/5/2010 9:57 PM
Wow the new entries are great...great contest

10/5/2010 8:59 PM
Very nice TeeZers! You do know thats worth 2 in the bush, don't you? lol! (sorry, I couldn't halp myself) Its a great shot!

10/5/2010 5:24 AM
I just adore that baby hummingbird!!!

9/29/2010 3:33 AM
yep I am done,good bye all

9/28/2010 11:15 AM
this site is a joke anymore,I am sorry but I just had to say something.I will be deleteing my acconut,I am not going to waste my time with all the cheating!

9/27/2010 7:24 PM
All disrespectful remarks will be deleted! Positive criticism is welcomed, and compliments are encouraged...but this will not be a place for anyone to call another member hateful names!

9/25/2010 6:10 PM
Somehow that does NOT surprise me jazz...but then again, I've had a shot of that myself! lol!

9/25/2010 10:30 AM
thanks janese...i don't like to eat crow, but i have had a shot or 2 of old crow

9/25/2010 8:37 AM
Thanks Janese..I think I've had to eat that crow myself a time or two

9/23/2010 8:01 PM
Nice Hairy Woodpecker, dreamcatcher! Jazz...great "Old Crow"! (I think I had to eat that once!) lol!

9/23/2010 10:32 AM
WOW!! GREAT submits! Tough Competition!

9/22/2010 9:20 PM
I'm in with Majestic Hawk...late but ....good luck all

9/22/2010 7:09 PM
I'm in with Polly the Parrot.Good luck all!

9/22/2010 2:56 PM
beautiful butterfly stlctyfan....a lot of great shots here!

9/22/2010 11:28 AM
hey i'm the old crow and i'm crowing for you vote...lol

9/21/2010 4:51 PM
I'm in with my moth.Maybe we should just have a moth contest.Hard to compete with these beautiful bird shots.

9/21/2010 1:37 PM
I love the one you chose Heidi! The title is perfect! lol!

9/21/2010 7:07 AM
I had thousands of photo's that could have came into this contest! I didn't know which to choose!

9/21/2010 1:08 AM
Had to throw in second opinion on your moth, smitty. I believe it's a type of Sphinx moth. It looks closer in size, color, and it being more nocturnal.

9/20/2010 8:23 PM
I think its gorgeous, Isra! The colors are amazing...I've never seen one like that!

9/20/2010 6:23 PM
Mine isn't that great, but I thought it would make a lovely addition, it is a grass parrot who likes hanging around the rescue pens :)

9/20/2010 1:48 PM
http://members.cox.net/rmscott/misc/hummingbird_m oth.jpg Smitty, it's a Hummingbird Moth. Google is a wonderful tool to find out these kind of things....:o)

9/19/2010 7:02 PM
I had one that looked like that on my front screen a few weeks ago. Its absolutely a moth, but I don't know the name of it. I bet someone here knows though. Can anyone tell us what kind of moth smitty has?

9/19/2010 5:36 PM
Thanks Janese. It's hard to compete against such talent here on Taltopia.

9/19/2010 5:27 PM
Thank you Janese! It's been a lot of fun being involved with people as passionate about photography as me!! I really enjoy all the photographs.

9/19/2010 1:30 PM
TPritchett...what can I say...that photo is perfection!!!