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11/8/2010 7:54 PM
WHAT. D: One more vote and i woulve one! D:

11/8/2010 7:01 PM
wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...i didn't win again...waaaaaaaaah...congrats all godd stuff

11/8/2010 2:55 PM
Please check out "Bubbly" and vote if you like it! :D

11/7/2010 10:41 AM
right on Slippery...however, we're all born with the notion of preference...so all is right to cast their personal opinion....much appreciation to all artist ....

11/7/2010 8:07 AM
Some thought that about Picasso, Briar. Where is your entry so we can judge it too.

11/4/2010 10:17 AM
Wow, nice work here, glad to see some 'subjective' shots!

11/2/2010 2:43 PM
Great shots everyone. Be sure and check out Contrast of Colors contest

10/30/2010 9:34 AM
What cool shots everyone. I have a strange looking potato, but may get booted for obscenity if I post it here LOL

10/27/2010 7:30 PM
I'm in with "The Opening". The reflection of this branch over the river, made it look like an opening you could travel through! (I've been through it, and you'll never guess what I found on the other side! It was amazing!) It was the most b

10/27/2010 12:01 PM
i just had to enter this one...ketchup bottle through a glass of water...let the fun begin

10/26/2010 7:54 PM
Great idea for a contest! I will look through my media and see if I can find a good entry! Good luck!