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12/29/2010 1:22 PM
Very nice Kurt, I understand the difficulty in drawing light hair streaming across other light hair in a different direction. Good work

12/28/2010 7:49 AM
I'm a little late in entering, hope you all had a great xmas and Happy New Year to all xxxx

12/25/2010 8:12 PM
Thanks Fashine, Your tooo kind, Merry Christmas all my talented friends.

12/25/2010 6:51 PM
Okay sorry my mistake.. I voted for it 7 times. o.o

12/25/2010 6:48 PM
I voted for everyone.. because they're all gorgeous! But your work (Elvis) is my favourite :D (I voted for it like 5/6 times xD) :)

12/20/2010 1:54 PM
Who ever voted for my Elvis portrait thanks. Looks like I have the worst drawing in my own contest. How sad is that.

12/20/2010 10:45 AM
Great pieces everyone! I finally got to watch the movie "Avatar" last night I noticed that Wes Studi played one of the characters behind the mask. He is one of my favorites. Great job Peter!

12/19/2010 3:15 PM
Yes your work is very welcome and a fantastic portrait.

12/18/2010 8:57 AM
Thanks Denny Glad to see you entered I was hoping you would, you have my vote of course.

12/18/2010 1:24 AM
Denny gets my vote.

12/16/2010 8:47 AM
What Janese said

12/15/2010 6:47 PM
Beautifully done, Murphy!