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1/15/2011 5:23 AM
I am really surprised that I won this. I haven't got a clue how that happened. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. There were some really great songs in this contest.

William Fu...
1/14/2011 7:25 PM
great contest y'all. i know everyone had fun(as always). also everyone is a winner in my eyes cuz everyone had great jams! congratulations DMcHenney great jam man! without words #3 is coming soon!!! peace! will fuller

1/14/2011 4:52 AM
Hey, regardless of who wins.....CONGRATS to everyone for putting some really awesome music out there! My best to you all! BTW - We need MORE of these instrumental contests.

1/14/2011 12:29 AM
this contest has an honest feel to it.....

1/12/2011 7:30 PM
i just voted for [ yankee ]

1/8/2011 2:49 PM
haha I hear ya David. There is always someone.

1/7/2011 1:18 AM
Come check out a snip of my single Party Nite from my demo mixtape "Money- The First Deposits" It's worth a listen =] http://www.taltopia.com/view/190010/Party-Nite-Sn ip

1/6/2011 9:28 AM
Kind of stagnant in here the past few days. Where are the voters?

1/1/2011 9:41 AM
Yes it is. another contest just ended in a 6 way tie and I think there was only 7 entrants

1/1/2011 9:31 AM
Wow....it's a pretty close race!

1/1/2011 9:04 AM
Hummm Maybe Charlie was Brian's acid connection. Good Vibrations was one of my favorites. I saw them in concert with Chicago in Chicago a loooooong time ago

1/1/2011 4:58 AM
I still love the Beach Boys. I like most of their songs but my favorites are In My Room and Surfer Girl.

1/1/2011 4:57 AM
I guess he must have wandered into Charlie one day huh? hahaha

William Fu...
1/1/2011 3:46 AM
i grew up with the beach boys by the way... i get around, but still loveemmmm.

William Fu...
1/1/2011 3:42 AM
to(DMc) some will remember the bumper sticker: "i brake for Brian Wilson"... my dad told me of that one, haha. he(brian) use to wonder around on "LSD" and almost be hit by cars while being on his "journey" .

William Fu...
1/1/2011 3:34 AM
love what is jammin'!..... and happy new year to all!!!!!!

12/31/2010 8:36 AM
happy new year everyone

12/30/2010 9:34 AM
lots of talent

12/29/2010 4:48 PM
I couldn't believe that he actually knew Brian Wilson those were strange days indeed.

12/29/2010 1:10 PM
Speaking of the Beach Boys, hard to believe they recorded a tune written by Charlie Manson. I don't think they ever released it though. BTW He looks like Saddam Hussein now.

12/28/2010 12:05 PM
BTW Thank you. I was a big Jimmy Page fan back then and really coveting that guitar

12/28/2010 12:00 PM
It's a 1979 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. There's a shot of the neck in my media I won some money in Bingo and went and bought it new the next day. I also had a 70s Epiphone made by Gibson I bought used in the 80s but gave to my daughter

12/28/2010 11:45 AM
Is that sunburst you have a Gibson or an Epiphone? Now that's a cool looking Guitar.

12/28/2010 9:28 AM
Or maybe too long LOL I have trouble with the action on them.

12/28/2010 9:26 AM
Fenders are great, but the fret boards are too wide for my hands

12/27/2010 3:48 PM
Yea, the Beach Boys all had Fender equipment and a couple of them had Jaguars. Mabey Dick Dale too. But remember Stevie Ray and Jimi Hendrix had Fenders too.

12/27/2010 8:31 AM
Surfer style guitar. Cool DMc I wouldn't mind having a decent acoustic 12 string either

12/25/2010 5:13 PM
I love my Jaguar. It's a 1962 re issue. I wish I had a Strat too.

12/25/2010 8:47 AM
No offense to Fender fans. I wouldn't throw one away if anyone wants to give me one : )

12/25/2010 8:47 AM
Rock the halls with my Les Paulie FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA. SG's make the season Jolly FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA. Don we now our Flying Vee FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA. We don't have no Stratocasters Gibson is the guitar master : )