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4/5/2011 8:29 AM
I do better contest wise when I stay off this site

3/29/2011 10:22 AM
It's Lies And Deception. There is a version we did and an old version he did with a male band. The singer was pretty good too

3/28/2011 8:18 PM
By the way Slip...what song is it that The Count has that u said was recorded on a boom box???

3/28/2011 8:17 PM
Yeah Harvy...What I use most is my Tascam FX/01/CD. It is small but powerful and full of effects. I am an effects freak sometimes lol. Slip...I really do wanna try one of those recorders ur talking bout :)

3/26/2011 9:02 AM
We want to get one of those small recorders they have now you just set in the room with you because we are going to be doing some shows.

3/22/2011 4:15 AM
Hey Harvey, I jst looked in the ole studio n found out that I have that DR3. Yeah, it's kool:) I wrote the songs "I Believe" and "You Don't Know Me" using it.

3/22/2011 3:59 AM
Slip...A boom box.....really? Kool. I will go listen :)

3/22/2011 3:55 AM
It's awesome to hear what you guy's use 2 record n play ect! Hubie, I googled BRCD900 n got a youtube of a guy teaching the blues ha. It was cool bt wanted to see it ur mixer. I will look deeper. Will, ahh the 4track. I remember:)

3/21/2011 6:44 PM
BRCD900...BOSE...64 track. and a set of spoons.

3/21/2011 8:04 AM
There is a song on Count Von Shadows profile that he recorded with just a boom box and it sounds surprisingly good considering. Have you guys seen the small recorders like that now in the guitar mags? I hear they sound very good.

3/21/2011 8:01 AM
Nice and simple Yankee. It has a built in CD burner and we just bounce, master and burn. We only had a 4 track Fostex cassette tape recorder when we started playing together in 2005 and went digital the next year.

William Fu...
3/21/2011 2:55 AM
I remember when my dad got me a 4 track cassette recorder when I was like 13... My very first "studio", haha. I still have a box full of cassette tapes I recorded on.

3/20/2011 7:29 PM
Wow Slippery, it's cool to hear recordings with that equipment. I was always the dumb singer that never bothered to learn mixing n hookin up equipment, ect. When Yankee Rose broke up after 15 some years, I had a big rude awakening lol

3/16/2011 8:58 AM
Fostex 8 track recorder and cheap mixer. Me and hubby on guitars and Alexis on drums

3/14/2011 12:15 AM
Sweet Harvey. Mine was mixed with a Tascam DP 01FX, Pevy mic. And a boss DR3 drum mach. Ant effects are either pre programed in my mixer or I use a Lexicon MX200. Most songs not mastered yet. bt when I do it's mostly an Adobe 3.0.

William Fu...
3/11/2011 11:59 PM
GREAT job to all!... i'm just curious... what do all y'all use to do your jams? i use FL studio 9.

3/11/2011 10:27 AM
nice job all, enjoyed all the good music, keep up the good work

3/10/2011 9:00 PM
P.S. Hey Harv...U can hear what that strat program sounds like in my song "Cigarettes In The Rain" I just have to learn how to make it sound not so repetitious. I JUST WANNA SING AHHHH lol

3/10/2011 8:39 PM
Ha good call Harvey on keys vs guitar. Ur right that is keys. I also use n luv my REALSTRAT software program that turns keys into a guitar via midi. What will they think of next :)

3/10/2011 9:56 AM
@HarveyClinger Thank you for the feedback. I enjoyed your song, that guitar sounds amazing. great quality recording...what program do you use?

3/9/2011 2:00 AM
Great stuff here 4 sure!!! My entry is a true tragedy that happened in Paulding county Oh where I live. You can read about the EMS folks and patients who died and how if you click on "Small Town Hero's" on my profile media. Thanks all.

3/7/2011 11:43 AM
Just uploaded Along The Way. Let me know what you think. You can find me and my buddy on YouTube search derrickjeremiah Thanks :)

3/6/2011 12:05 PM
Thx Harvey You have a nice tune there. It reminds me just a tad of Pink Floyd music which I mean in the nicest possible way

3/6/2011 10:27 AM
I'm in with a love song I wrote for my cave man hubby LOL

3/6/2011 7:36 AM
Harvey, what an outstanding piece of music. You should shop this as a movie theme!