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5/12/2011 8:11 PM
Thanks Yankee! I wish I could claim that it was a product of creative genius...but I have to be honest and admit that it was a lucky shot! lol!

5/12/2011 2:11 AM
Wow Janese. That's to cool on how you got that shot :)

5/10/2011 4:51 PM
I still think Kathy's Alien is the best my friends.

5/10/2011 4:49 PM
Renzo, Great drawing. love getting into it. The flow is soothing.Wonderful depth and dimension.

5/10/2011 3:33 PM
Thank you Aari! I was photographing my grandsons in a dark room while they played with glow sticks. This strange looking creature appeared in one shot! I love all of the entries in this contest! They are so creative!

5/10/2011 12:44 PM
nice work everybody...renzo the detail on your ufo is amazing.

5/10/2011 8:20 AM
Great entries everyone, so much variety, goodluck to you all. Hopefully we can get more alien art in the contest, curious to see what else is out there. We come in peace, lol.

5/9/2011 4:18 AM
I like your bird Janese, it really looks like a strange parrot or something in very beautiful colours.

5/8/2011 9:36 PM
Great entries from all of you! I thought I'd chip in my dollar and submit "Weird Bird"!

5/7/2011 4:26 PM
Nice contest, I like it, hope my entry is okay?

5/7/2011 12:57 PM
I had to enter your contest Kathy, you piece is fantastic and is a sure winner, But thought I should donate a buck and offer your this eatable flower named the Kathieberrie.