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William Fu...
5/13/2011 12:47 PM
reminded me of a sublime song"SUMMER TIIIIIIIIIME, AND THE LIVING'S EASY."

5/13/2011 12:43 PM
I'm sure we will get more. At least I hope so. It's been dead lately, but it is nearly summer too

William Fu...
5/13/2011 12:30 PM
beers really do help the jams come out, haha. i did not know you could return the conte... oh, you donate it back, right. i never thought of that. very cool, but hopfully more people will join in on de fun here.

5/13/2011 12:17 PM
Thx I just went off after a few beers one night and this is the result LOL. Yes I usually return the contest fee if there is only two or three people and I win

William Fu...
5/13/2011 12:14 PM
Nice one Linda! It's already a good contest. Maybe we can split the winnings on this contest as well, haha.