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2/17/2012 7:55 AM
maybe we could just send a drum-a-gram...find a hollow tree

2/16/2012 11:40 PM
That might take a while Ginger :) Just send the suggestion in a bottle, might be faster :)

2/16/2012 11:24 AM
I'll call them and suggest that...as soon as the professor and I get these coconuts wired up to work as phones, Yankee! lol!

2/15/2012 4:31 PM
Mary Aaaaaaann!!! Heh..now were talkin "snicker"

2/15/2012 7:44 AM
skkkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppppppppppp per

2/15/2012 7:44 AM
i think they are more interested in all the free advertising that is showing up, and all the great cellphone me pics...like cute...me again...just me...me2 and let us not forget...sexy, hot & beautiful...and always out of focus

2/15/2012 5:37 AM
Gilligaaaaaaaaan !!!!!!!!!!!!

2/14/2012 11:42 PM
I bet if Taltopia would sponsor more cash OR even gift prizes people would come. I haven't seen Taltopia sponsor one of these in a long time for mics, camera's, ect. Did they leave us stranded on a deserted island???

2/14/2012 11:39 PM
I know right!!!!! How are we gonna get more peps in here??? Maybe someone should make a Taltopia Facebook page and promo it?

2/14/2012 8:32 PM
i remember when some of these contests had 30 or more enteries...ain't like it used to be

2/1/2012 1:58 PM
Hmmm...If I win this one...that just means I'm the creepiest!!! I'm voting for you all !!!!!

1/24/2012 10:14 AM
I like Yankees Tune hes a creepy MF ha ha luv it ;)

1/22/2012 1:16 PM
Thanks for the entertainment Dan! I enjoyed it!!

1/22/2012 9:14 AM
Ok you go yankeeRhoad that is creepy