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3/19/2013 9:11 AM
I KNOW!! lol

3/19/2013 9:00 AM
OMG! they even limit your comments to 240 caractors. I'm a talker that could go on and on about anything. lol I was just typing away when I looked up and most of what I was saying wasn't there. Just did it again so I'll stop!

3/19/2013 8:57 AM
All online contest are popularity driven. lol I know they don't really represent anything more than who can get the most people to spend some time voting and the prizes aren't really anything to get excited about.

3/19/2013 8:52 AM
Unfortunately you can only ever enter one image to these contests. Also, please know that these contests are hugely popularity driven and a should be used just for fun or self publicity purposes.

3/19/2013 8:40 AM
I agree Janice - a little labeling goes a long way! Great entry BTW! :)

3/19/2013 8:38 AM
Can you enter more than one image? Just wondering. I would enter a couple more if that's possible.

3/19/2013 8:17 AM
Well thank you CJrider. That's a little better. There should be directions for those who don't know anything about Taltopia. A simple click here to see larger view would be so helpful.

3/19/2013 7:50 AM
Hi Janice - you need to click on the pic of the entry above the "vote" button to see it full size - hope that helps! Good Luck!!

3/19/2013 7:33 AM
The images here are too small for anyone to appreciate. First contest entered may well be the last if this is all it is. No one can judge a picture at this tiny scale!

3/10/2013 10:43 AM
Neat image freesevenluck! Reminds me of old victorian florals. Very nice.

3/4/2013 9:47 AM
nice colorfull pics

2/28/2013 7:40 AM
Great pictures, http://www.buddhanepaltrek.com/