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All Comments (258):

11/29/2010 12:32 AM
Wonderful work!!! Thanks so much for being a fan of mine!

11/24/2010 12:28 AM
Hey Renzo, Thanks for stopping by my page and commenting on my videos. Awakening was the first song I did with the MAGIX Music Makes program. I am working on a couple of new ones, they should be up soon.

11/19/2010 8:45 AM
We aren't getting rich, but at least we are selling downloads steadily on itunes and so forth. So that is what we pretty much stick to working on.

11/19/2010 8:44 AM
I'll be looking forward to your new work. Not much rockin on stage here except at home. These places want you to pay them up to $200 to play 30 minutes to a few drunks and the bands waiting to play

11/18/2010 4:12 PM
Your new UFO piece is phenomenal! I love it!!!

11/18/2010 4:01 PM
Thanks so much for all of your kind comments and fames on my new media! I always appreciate your kindness so much!

11/18/2010 10:15 AM
Thanks so much for the comments on my photo's and drawings. I really appreciate the suggestions on my peocock drawing. I definitely will have to go back and rework that hands. I really love constructive criticism; it helps me fix things :]

11/18/2010 9:57 AM
Wow How you be, Renzo? Good I hope. I haven't seen you around in a bit Thx for the nice comment on YS

11/6/2010 4:18 PM
Hey Renzo, Yea'..... I was just trying to get the hatters to show there face with the comment on Jade Dragon. They shamed it before it was even finished posting. they never even saw it. Cowards

11/6/2010 7:46 AM
Hi Renzo, Thanks for taking the time to check out my channel and songs, and all the kind comments on them. It means alot as I am just getting started with trance/electronica music. I plan on mixing in live bass to make it even better.

11/5/2010 11:19 PM
Thank you so much for you kind words!! Yes i'm on RMD i have the same username so.. yeah. :) And i LOVE your artwork.. the abstracts are so amazing!! And the portraits are beautiful! :D

11/4/2010 8:23 PM
Thanks for bringing HCRead to my attention! Her work is amazing!

11/4/2010 1:30 PM
Thanks Renzo! Glad to have you as a fan!

11/4/2010 11:30 AM
Thanks Renzo, I have a bunch of new stuff I need to throw on my profile. Have a good one!

11/2/2010 9:12 PM
Wow...you were the first to guess and you got it right! Way to go...I really thought I'd stump everyone!

10/28/2010 7:13 PM
Great minds think alike! When I first saw the mask in the clouds, I thought it looked like Batman too! Thanks for checking it out and leaving a comment! It always means a lot to me!

10/16/2010 4:16 PM
Hi Renzo, thanks for the comments on Pismo Beach & Sleeping Beauty! Hope you have a great weekend!

10/14/2010 9:57 PM
Thanks for the comment on my childs cowboy hat! It was fun to draw and I always appreciate your feedback! Have a wonderful week-end!

10/14/2010 1:54 PM
thanks for lovely comment on my video

10/11/2010 5:46 PM
thanks for the coments and nice work yourself man.

10/11/2010 2:50 PM
Thanks for visiting and for all your kind comments!

9/24/2010 9:30 PM
Hi Renzo, thanks for all the favors!! I love the Heart with wings!

9/24/2010 9:09 PM
Thanks for the comment on my huge spider! I was afraid it would eat one of the kids! lol! (its gone now)

9/24/2010 7:17 PM
Thanks for the nice comment on my logo. Xander.

9/23/2010 9:00 PM
I thought it was beautiful just like it is, but I know what it feels like to think you need to do a little more to "finish" it! I will keep watching to see what you decide to do with it!

9/23/2010 8:22 PM
Thank you for the comment on my butterfly! (I had to entice it with a little bit of spilled lemonade!)

8/24/2010 9:28 AM
... I drew all my life and never gave painting a shot till a short time ago but found it to be easier than drawing, never woulda figured it but im glad i did. Any ways thank you again. keep up the good work.

8/24/2010 9:25 AM
...agement here and there. i am a stay at home dad with my two girls under 3. so they keep me really busy. I noticed in your profile you said you might like to try painting. You would definitely excel at it with your attention to detail...

8/24/2010 9:19 AM
Holy Wow. thanks for all your comments. I have been a quiet admirer of yours for a bit. especially " the world today". i often dont have much time on the computer so i usually just fame what i like and try and give back a little incour...

8/23/2010 3:56 PM
Thanks for the comment on 'Moon Glow', no werewolves or vampires around that evening. ;=)