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8/22/2010 7:10 AM
Hey, Im in this contest ''wich???'' would you support me and vote on my picture? it's called ''flying high'' it has been taken from a baloon.

7/28/2010 3:24 AM
Hey, you should check my new photo's I just uploaded! :)

7/27/2010 12:38 PM
please donate me! :) I need it

7/27/2010 12:37 PM
have some famebucks left for me? :P I want toget famous! :))

7/24/2010 11:43 AM
thanks for your comments! I appreciate it.

7/24/2010 10:07 AM
Thx again. Your work is so cool. I see you live in my home town. Hope you guys are getting a nice summer this year

7/23/2010 3:11 PM
I like the new media!! f/f... Thanks for the comment on my Black bird, it does look like the tree branches are a cage... That's why I got the shot! Glad you see it too!

7/22/2010 8:16 PM
Thanks for stopping by my page and leaving such kind comments! The kaliedescopes of the kids faces was fun to make and they loved it! I'll be back this week-end to look at your new postings! They are always fascinating to me!

7/21/2010 9:42 AM
Thank you for the comment and fav ad Renzo. Nice new media BTW :)

7/20/2010 9:09 PM
Thank you for the comment

7/20/2010 7:14 PM
Thank you for the comments and favs! You have really nice work too, you are very talented!

7/20/2010 9:18 AM
Thankyou so much for your coment and faving my art! Hugz,Jan

6/24/2010 4:00 PM
I really appreciate all of your visits... ;o)

6/24/2010 9:48 AM
You know, I never realized that your in Chicago, that's my home town. Thanks for all of your kind comments. If you ever make it out here Sedona is a must see :)

6/23/2010 7:16 PM
Thank you!!

6/22/2010 3:09 PM
You have been so kind with your comments, f & f. Round Valley is 1 Beautiful place to visit.

6/21/2010 2:32 PM
Thanks so much for the fav ad Renzo. It's always nice to hear from you :)

6/21/2010 11:33 AM
Thx, Renzo. That was so nice of the artist to do that for us. He shipped it to AZ from Canada too. BTW You have some awesome work yourself

6/21/2010 11:06 AM
Hi, hi, thanks for all the comments on my floral shots. Glad you like them... :o)

6/18/2010 6:56 PM
Thanks for the comment, nice detail on the pencil work. Xander.

6/17/2010 7:37 PM
Hi Renzo, thanks for the fames, I always appreciate your visits & comments. ;o)

6/2/2010 10:38 AM
You new work is outstanding!

6/1/2010 10:35 PM
Love your new work... Thanks for the f/f... ;o)

5/4/2010 4:33 AM
;) Hi sweetie :D!!!

5/3/2010 1:33 PM
thanks for likeing my style of art detail is important i feel in art and having the eye for it too is good /rockon

5/3/2010 12:05 PM
Did you ever get your tablet?? I haven't used mine since my 1st drawing... Just something else to learn to use....

5/3/2010 12:03 PM
Thanks for the comment on my Pheasant painting, and my wicked trees photo... <3

5/2/2010 3:39 PM
I'm always especially excited when anyone responds to one of my drawings! Thanks so much for the comment you left on my wildflower drawing! It means a lot to me!

5/1/2010 10:02 PM
thanks for the comments, your art is amazing, my fav is "Imagine" its genius

4/29/2010 10:28 AM
I wasn't thinking ink when I got you the eraser. Oh yes, it's a magical eraser, besides you don't need one.... you work is stellar.