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All Comments (96):

2/9/2009 7:52 AM
great work , like it all.

2/8/2009 7:01 PM
i like some of your work what do you think of mine check it out

2/7/2009 8:34 AM
Thank you so much for the add - I look forward to seeing more of your work.

2/6/2009 2:34 AM
Ok I give in YOU are my hero! I can't get enough of your work! Ah I am so in love with your talent! You are awesome. Hope you are having a wonderful week! K

2/5/2009 2:42 PM
I would have made myself a fan earlier - but I could not find the button (new to this site and ok, getting old I think) anyway, GREAT stuff, how prolific are you!

2/5/2009 8:19 AM
Thank you very much, you have some beautiful work in your port!

2/2/2009 6:07 PM
Thanks for the comments! I'm just a guy with a dream... er, rather an expensive hobby.

2/2/2009 2:12 PM
Thank you for the comment on my work. This is the first I have gotten an outside opinion, I was very excited about it. Thanks again!

2/2/2009 9:21 AM
Thank you for the media comment. :) :)

2/2/2009 7:18 AM
Thank you for your comments on my work. I appriciate it very much.

1/30/2009 6:08 PM
Thank you so much for the nice comments on my images. I'm flattered as I was really admiring your work yesterday. :) I'm going to take some time to look at all of your images in depth. Thanks again!

1/30/2009 2:07 PM
Love the new profile pic, Jim. Ditto for all your other pics. You do the most amazing things with a camera!

1/29/2009 12:41 PM
Thank you for the wonderful comment on my Good vs Evil work. I'm flattered because you have some awesome work yourself.

1/29/2009 12:35 PM
Thank you for the comments on my work and being a fan really appreciate it. Your work is amazing!

1/28/2009 6:31 AM
like your new profile pic! "Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten" :-))

1/28/2009 12:41 AM
Love your stuff, youve got a very wide array of ideas and designs!!

1/24/2009 2:02 PM
Thanks so much!! I am very proud of that image in particular.

1/23/2009 3:50 PM
Thanks a lot for your comments, I'm new to this thing, so it's encouraging to get some posotive comments : D P.s. - your work rocks : )

1/23/2009 12:55 PM
I wqas very impressed and inspired by youor flag and ice works...Greta job...Famed!!!

1/23/2009 12:51 PM
Loved the Flag draspped over the old building and your ice sculptures...Great photographs...

1/19/2009 7:00 PM
Thanks for coming over and commenting on my new stuff...just think how long I had to hold my breath for the Mermaid Shot! ha!!

1/19/2009 11:54 AM
Thank you for the wonderful comments on my media, I value your opinion. Your media collection is Awesome! I hope to reach your level one day.

1/18/2009 2:54 PM
I really like some of your work

1/15/2009 10:07 PM
I'm always blown away each time I look through your media! It's an absolute treat! Clever, clean and captivating!

1/15/2009 8:57 PM
Thank you, your work is amazing, each shot I saw had me excited to see what was next!

1/12/2009 3:29 PM
Thank you so much for your comments :D

1/12/2009 1:25 PM
amazing work - i hope to reach that level someday

1/12/2009 11:18 AM
Thanks for your nice comments. The close up was one professioanlly done, and as for a Sepia tone,I had thought so too, but I wanted to keep it original, as it is in the Professional Headshots Contest.

1/9/2009 7:39 AM
GREAT WORK !!!!!!!

1/7/2009 8:43 AM
Thanks for stopping by my media! Your opinion is tops on my list!