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5/12/2009 7:49 PM
Thank you :-) and you're welcome feel free to leave a comment on the ones you like.

5/11/2009 12:06 AM
thank you for adding my work to your favorites, and all the great comments...muchly appreciated...michael

5/8/2009 12:10 PM
Real Live Woman 35 and up! "At 45" Submitted by Janese Total Votes: 64 Your Votes: 6

5/7/2009 4:39 PM
MAY FLOWERS "Dogwood Delight" Submitted by Janese Total Votes: 156 Your Votes: 23

5/7/2009 2:24 PM
Squirrely Photo "Nutty Fun" Submitted by Janese Total Votes: 80 Your Votes: 10

5/7/2009 12:01 PM
Wow, thanks for all the lovely comments on my media!! I don't do any thing special to attract Humming birds. I just put up the feeder on 5/1, started taking shots on the 2nd. I was so excited to get those 1st shots. Thanks!!

5/7/2009 4:32 AM
Thank you Janese for your comments on my painting. You have some, no, MANY shots I would love to try to paint one day. If I ever get done, I would like to buy one of your photos to paint..

5/6/2009 7:51 PM
Thank you Janese!

5/5/2009 7:40 PM
Thanks Janese; I love your work! And to have such nice comments from you is flattering!

5/5/2009 2:53 PM
thank you soo much! you have 1 more fan to!!

5/5/2009 11:34 AM
thanky you for stopping by...i always appreciate your comments...michael

5/3/2009 10:28 PM
Hey...I know I'll come in last hee hee but, I added me to the contest you sent out for votes...just so you know, I voted for you all the way through, even against myself hee!!! GOOD LUCK GIRL :)!!!! (not that ya need it!)

5/3/2009 6:57 PM
Janeses< I simply love this shot of dog wood, spring in the south is fantastic. FAMED GOD BLESS

5/2/2009 9:55 AM
thank you for comments on my media Janese

5/2/2009 7:21 AM
hello come check out my music page im joerock i play orignal music http://www.taltopia.com/joerock

4/30/2009 3:40 PM
lol Too bad you don't have photos from then! You do look young and beautiful..and glad that made your day. Hope someone says that to me someday lol

4/30/2009 10:30 AM
LOL! I not only remember poodle skirts, but wore mine proudly with my bobby socks and saddle shoes! We were "too cool for school"! lol!

4/30/2009 7:45 AM
lol I just noticed one of your comments and you CANNOT be old enough to have poodle skirt memories!

4/30/2009 7:41 AM
Thank you so much, there were lots of great entries in that contest and I feel honored to have won..was my first photography win ever, actually!

4/29/2009 3:56 PM
you are welcome for the promote, I thought everyone should get to look at your birds

4/29/2009 12:38 PM
best abstract moon pics "The Moon" Submitted by Janese Total Votes: 63 Your Votes: 6

4/29/2009 6:54 AM
I am enjoying going through your media too, the "Spring Fever is Fab

4/29/2009 6:53 AM
thank you for all of your kind comments, spring is one of my favorite times of the year

4/27/2009 9:31 PM
Do You Know that YOU are the Best, I was trying to make people smile and I got a lol from you and Rick Lamb and it made me LOL Thank You!!! Mountain Goat!

4/24/2009 11:25 PM
Janese, thanks for checking out my work; your glorious birds always draw my eye. Love your stuff!

4/24/2009 6:24 PM
Your welcome about the blue roses, I love the color blue. Thank you for the comment on my art.

4/24/2009 7:53 AM
Hi Janese! Thank you very much for all your wonderful comments! I been having such joy looking at your artwork. Your work is abslolutely amazing and I am gled to be networking with such wonderful artist:)

4/23/2009 9:54 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes! I have been off the site for about 2 weeks now so I have to play catch-up!

4/22/2009 5:53 AM
Thank you so much for your comments! they are greatly appreciated. and any critique would be welcomed also... :) I have only been doing this for a little over a year now. so i am in the learning process. thank you again...

4/21/2009 7:55 PM
Your photography is looking amazing buttttt what has happened to your drawing? Please don't tell me you have put that to one side?