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3/10/2009 2:08 AM
Janese you are a natural.You have an ability to see the beauty in everything.Be it with "Hello Geico" to "PEZ" Keep up the good work.

3/9/2009 2:46 PM
You have an excellent eye for photography,also can't wait to see your other artwork and thank you for comments about my artwork.

3/8/2009 10:47 AM
Thank you i aslo love your picture of The Song, very beautiful!

3/4/2009 1:09 PM
Love your contest entry...good stuff!

3/3/2009 6:03 AM
Thanks very much, Janese! The best to you! Jim

3/3/2009 2:52 AM
Thank you for your nice cimments. I'm glad you liked my song, "wait for you". I look forward to talking to you again soon!!

3/2/2009 5:02 PM
that's not to say i won't stay hard,but with a delicate touch.

3/2/2009 5:01 PM
I've been reading up on proper industry etiquette.i owe you and others an apology. Sorry Janese.

3/2/2009 1:37 PM
Thank you for adding me as a friend. I appreciate your kind feedback.

2/28/2009 8:59 PM
Thank you for being a fan, Janese - I appreciate your standing up for what is right. I'm with you 100 percent for wanting to keep this site safe for children - God bless!

2/27/2009 8:33 PM
stopped by to say hi.

2/27/2009 5:47 AM
So now we BOTH won:-)

2/23/2009 6:41 AM
Hi Janese! Thanks for your great comments...I'm still laughing at many of them. As for the book...One based on the old cars is at the publishers...if it looks good, I'll make it public. Thanks very much for the support! Best wishes, Jim

2/22/2009 9:37 AM
Thanks for your comments on the lakes contest. Hopefully we will get lots of entries. You have some great pics too.

2/16/2009 3:33 PM
Congratulations on winning the Communication contest. Love the picture of your grandson. Nice win

2/15/2009 7:48 PM
thank you so much for looking back at my photographs! not too many people look at my stuff since i rejoined not too long ago, you are a very nice person :)

2/14/2009 1:04 PM
Thank you! Decided to split up my winnings hun:-))

2/13/2009 6:48 PM
"Snow White" Submitted by Janese Total Votes: 66 Your Votes: 10

2/13/2009 7:10 AM
Thanks for all the comments you left on my media..I love your baby goats...I don't have any new ones this year..:( Janet

2/10/2009 7:56 PM
Thanks Janese for the comment on my profile. I appeciate it! You have some nice media also.

2/9/2009 7:07 AM
I like your work with glass can you check out mine and telll me what you think Aarorth

2/5/2009 8:19 PM
Submitted by Janese Total Votes: 98 Your Votes: 14 :)

2/1/2009 12:05 AM
Thanks for stopping by and listening to my music. So glad you like it. Good luck in your persuits and may great happiness fill you days! And dont forget to rock!

1/30/2009 3:24 PM
Great Work!! Love all of it!!

1/27/2009 11:45 AM
And where is Hazel Green? I have friends in Alabama and was just wondering what you were close to. Enjoyed looking at your work.

1/27/2009 11:43 AM
You have a great eye! Some beautiful shots. What kind of sculpting, on a wheel or by hand? Did I miss it or did you put it up on your media?

1/25/2009 7:54 PM
Thanks for commenting on my new media! I am so greatful we can share just family photos and not feel pressured to win anything ! Ha!

1/25/2009 12:29 AM
Formal dresses and sewing I have never been able to grasp, lol which is kinda sad since 98% of what I do both on stage and off entals formal/Gothic wear :(

1/25/2009 12:28 AM
Thank you, you have some really awesome photos as well, would love to see some of your other work as well. Thanks for reading my page and have a great week. :)

1/22/2009 10:04 PM
Thank you for becoming a fan! Your media is a pleasure to view. I'm an new fan of yours...