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All Comments (21):

8/22/2011 10:21 PM
Your song in the Best Song contest is awesome. At 1st it kinda made me think of "The Cars" Kool !!!:)

4/13/2010 8:34 PM
Have a great summer and spread the joy to lots of good folks! I hope that it all goes well for you!

3/31/2010 8:53 PM
It was very nice of you to send out a big Hello to everyone! It seems like there is a lot of anger out in the world today...it's very cool to hear someone wish everyone a good day! Thanks for being a positive voice!

3/5/2010 8:44 PM
Thanks for being my fan!!

3/5/2010 7:40 PM
Good Luck on your deal...I'm pulling for you! Please let me know if you get it! (Thanks for leaving the great comment on my photo "Cold Feet")!

3/1/2010 11:54 PM
Hey everyone! Cross your fingers for us! We may have an ok deal coming our way...

2/20/2010 8:18 AM
Thanks for stopping by my media! Most of these are early recordings before I got a better sound system. Having fun at any rate! TY!!

2/15/2010 12:22 PM
OMG! You rock! I have become your FAN FOR SURE!!

2/1/2010 7:47 AM
Thanks for adding me as a fan; happy that you enjoyed my art work. I enjoyed listening to a few of your songs. Good luck to all of you.

2/1/2010 6:09 AM
Thanks fo the comment on my flower, lets just say I was bored at work, and had too many batteries laying around.

1/30/2010 8:38 PM
I just listened to "Ashley's Song" (twice) and I loved it! You have a great sound! I'll definitely be back for more! Keep Rockin!

1/25/2010 6:59 PM
awesome songs! i like the things you guys write about. good luck on the coming album

1/25/2010 6:48 PM
thnx for the great comments :)

1/25/2010 8:32 AM
You guys should make a contest for your cover art. You migth find the artist you need for the job and the cover art. Love your music and I want to hear more, your newest fan.

1/22/2010 2:40 PM
You guys know how to rock!!!!

1/22/2010 1:24 AM
Don't forget to vote for us is "That ticked me off" song contest.

1/21/2010 9:24 AM
Good tunes

1/21/2010 9:22 AM
just would kike to thankyou for your lovely comment on one of my songs thanks for taking the time to watch me i really appreciate

1/20/2010 11:43 AM
great stuff guys...good luck

1/18/2010 10:17 PM
Thank you for the great comment that you left on my page! I appreciate it! I love what you do, too. You have such a rockin sound...but just mellow enough that you make me want to get up and dance! I love it and I'm looking forward to more!

1/16/2010 5:36 PM
Thanks so much for "fanning" me! I just listened to your music and loved it! You have a great sound and I'm definitely a new fan! Keep Rockin!