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All Comments (58):

9/23/2012 9:35 PM
I hope all is ok in your world hun. I miss you when I don't hear from you in a while. Thanks again love. your so awesome ???

9/23/2012 9:33 PM
THANKS PEGGY. Just when I thought my day can't get any better, I hear from you. I always get excited when I see you've messaged me ? Thanks for the vote on my (Whiskey Lullaby) duet in the "Best Cover" contest.

9/16/2011 11:21 PM
How are things in your world my friend. Just stoppin in to check on ya. God Bless and XO from Ohio

8/27/2011 8:34 AM
Seven votes for you so far on Color Pencil Design Contest - great entry!

6/20/2011 1:39 AM
Hi my sweet friend :) Had to give ya some votes in the contest. It's an awesome upload. You never disappoint gurl. XO from Ohio :):):)

3/29/2011 12:05 AM
Hey hun. Sooo good to c ya:):):) I love the beautiful simplicity of ur art here. You named it right. Breath taking fer sher. Submitted by zladyoh Total Votes: 56 Your Votes: 13

3/23/2011 8:30 PM
Starting over again is always hard. Its a process...but it helps to know that you aren't alone! I have to deal with a spinal disability too, so I feel connected to you and what you're going through! Its great to see you back here!

3/22/2011 9:12 PM
...taking it one day at a time is my best advise. My husbands been gone now for 9 years, and time has a way of healing the pain some. Then you can focus on the good memories! Stay strong!

3/22/2011 9:09 PM
I stopped by to tell you that I loved your entry "Dreamer" and sent you some votes. I'll try to send more before the contest ends! I also read your bio and wanted to send you my heartfelt sympathy. Losing your partner is hard...I know.

10/31/2010 2:00 PM
Glad u stopped in Peggy. It was nice hearing from you, Hope you liked some of my new music. Xs n Os Happy Sunday :)

8/7/2010 11:52 AM
thank you very much. you and your art are inspiring

8/5/2010 2:21 PM
Five votes for you on Artwork Drawn Contest, great entry!

5/26/2010 6:32 PM
good work nice pics

5/4/2010 4:28 AM
Had to stop in n say hi to my ZLADY. How's it goin on the other side of the country. I always wonder how ur. XO from OHIO. miss ya

4/19/2010 5:04 PM
Seven votes so far for you on Loving Pets Contest, beautiful cat!

4/18/2010 10:35 PM
Thank you all for the compliments. Haven't been here for awhile. So sorry for not getting back to you.

4/5/2010 10:32 PM
Thank you for the fan add :D

1/12/2010 8:36 AM
Hey girl...haven't seen u in a while :(...kinda worried about ya :(...Give us a howler, so we know our friend is safe :D!!! Love Ya!!!!

12/31/2009 10:30 AM
happy new year

12/20/2009 8:58 AM
Cute Puppy. YOu mention you use Windows Paint to do some of your work. All, I have to say is bravo. I never had the patience to use Paint. But, then again. I prefer photography. I wish i could have your patience.

7/20/2009 12:39 PM
Awww...u are TO sweet :D!!! To be very honest with you, I wish I had that energy too!!! No, seriously, I DO! I am so LOW-WINDED that sometimes when I fall asleep, I can't get up for HOURS :(...that is IF I can fall asleep, LOL!! Thanx :)!

7/20/2009 10:08 AM
i really like your work-esp cat ghost

7/17/2009 8:10 PM
Thank you for adding "Amazing Sky" to your favorites! I really appreciate it! Also, I love your cute little doggie...it has the sweetest face! I had to vote for him!

7/11/2009 4:13 PM
Lovely media! =)

5/30/2009 7:22 AM
thank you.yes Ghost hunting is one of my fav past times,I would post some of my ghostly pic's here but Ive found thats where the mean people come out at you,alot of people are afraid of the unknown & then will put it down,have a nice day.

5/15/2009 6:45 AM
Thanks for the comment. I like what you've done, too.

5/9/2009 7:10 PM
Hey,thanks 4 the fame.I was very impressed lookin through ur media.Fan n fame 4 sure.Hope u check out my music under YankeeRhoad on Taltopia.Hope you enjoy my music as much as I have enjoyed your art.

5/8/2009 9:52 PM

5/6/2009 10:04 PM
Oh thank you so much! I sure hope you are having a great week :)

5/5/2009 11:49 AM
thanks for the great comments and the add to your fav's...michael