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4/17/2012 7:13 PM
sorry so late but thank you for the votes

4/12/2012 8:41 PM
If you ever do find someone to airbrush my drawing on your mustang, make sure you send me a picture of it! I'd love to see it!!!

4/10/2012 2:28 PM
Collaboration of Much: Voted good luck

3/31/2012 11:26 AM
Thanks for your great comment on "Cuddles" the cat! Actually...I don't even know her name. She belongs to a neighbor but comes to my house everyday for a treat and some lovin! From now on we will call her Cuddles! Thanks!

3/9/2012 3:32 PM
Song of hope voted and Good Luck

3/8/2012 9:15 PM
I might head up your way this summer to visit my relatives and friends in Indiana. I'll let you know if I'm coming that way!

2/28/2012 11:19 PM
I will gladly mail you copy of it if you'd like to find someone to paint it for you! I appreciate the compliment so much!

2/27/2012 9:20 PM
I just read the comment you left on my drawing of "Wind Power" and had to thank you again! You're an angel!!!

2/27/2012 9:18 PM
Thanks for adding my drawing to your favorites! I appreciate it so much!!!!

2/23/2012 12:37 PM
Valentines Day Love Song... gotcha ... Have a great day and good luck.

2/18/2012 2:23 PM
Valentines Day Love Song... Voted Good Luck

2/18/2012 2:21 PM
Sugar'n Spice' Everything .... voted

1/29/2012 6:43 PM
Thanks Dan! I hadn't heard yet :) Love your song in the creepy contest!!

1/22/2012 7:08 AM
Love the "Creepy"!!!!!!!!

1/18/2012 4:05 PM
Three votes for Mother the video, great job - Famed!

1/17/2012 7:39 PM
Thank you so much Daniel it is always needed :)

1/7/2012 6:00 PM
Hello, check out my new medias i uploaded. let me know wat u think... thanks :) http://www.taltopia.com/jessej

1/5/2012 3:49 PM
Hey, thanks for the comment on my profile... i appreciate what you said, thank you...

1/1/2012 3:27 PM
Hope your Christmas was awesome and 2012 holds miracles for you!

11/1/2011 4:17 PM
Thanks Daniel - I really appreciate your post on Youtube - that really made my day! God bless!!!

10/18/2011 11:11 AM
If you hit that block user then they cannot post on any contest you start. When he first got here he was voting himself up to the top on a ton of contests and some of us got a little verbal about it and that was that LOL

10/15/2011 9:54 AM
I had to post here because that kid Sobbleib blocked me

10/15/2011 9:54 AM
hahaha Thx Yankee I don't even have makeup on either. Some kid came trick or treating one year though and I was dressed in just jeans and a black top and he asked if I was a witch. His father was mortified, but I thought it was funny

10/2/2011 6:34 PM
Aw, thanks! I don't think I won the contest anyway xD I'm in a new contest if you'd like to check it out. It's the Halloween one. My entery is titled "Full Halloween." Thanks!

9/30/2011 8:20 AM
That would have been sneaking in and out! :3

9/23/2011 8:48 PM
Congratulations on winning the Silhouettes contest! You had a great entry!!! I just high fived you...did you feel the vibe? lol! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/18/2011 6:25 AM
Thanks for the votes Daniel!

9/8/2011 9:26 AM
You are a total sweetie

9/1/2011 10:27 AM

8/26/2011 1:13 PM
Thank you for taking the time, to stop by and leave all those beautiful comments, wishing you continue success on your musical journey