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10/13/2009 5:48 PM
Thanks Daniel, really appreciate you taking the time to look at them! Hope things are going well for you, have a great week!

10/13/2009 11:57 AM
Hey how the heck have you been? I love your new spooky song! Very cool! Get back at me~ Take care!

10/8/2009 8:21 PM
Thanks for the big ole "air hug"! I needed that...then I vollied it right back at ya!

10/7/2009 9:25 PM
Thank you so much for your comments on my story 3 seconds! As you could guess, its a subject that's close to my heart! I feel like I was spared that day so that I can spread the word to not drink and drive! I'm so glad that it touched you!

10/7/2009 3:28 PM
AWWWWW...thanx sweetie!!!! That was adorable of yas to say that about my story (it was the mother one, right?)..thanx for the vote toooo :)

10/7/2009 10:52 AM
Thanks Dan! I always appreciate it when you stop by! Thanks for the votes, most of all thanks for your friendship! Big hugs... Kathy

10/7/2009 10:50 AM
Sorry that my spider photos creeped you out! I'm trying to teach my grandsons which ones are poisonous, and which ones could really hurt them! Seeing a photo of them up close has helped them to be a little more careful!

10/7/2009 10:30 AM
Thank you so much for your votes and for the comments you left on my media! I'm definitely a proud grandma! You have some great new media too, and I always enjoy your music! Keep up the good work!

10/7/2009 8:52 AM
Free 320 KBPS Motel Boy download here still if you are interested: http://amiestreet.com/music/slippery-when-wet/mot el-boy/

10/7/2009 8:50 AM
Thx for asking, Dan. I'm pleased you are interested in my music : ) I have most of the workable ones posted right now. I have several on the back burner, but don't know when and if they will come together enough.

9/27/2009 11:53 AM
Hey how are you feeling, Hope better! Love the new pics & music! Keep rockin'! Take care~

9/21/2009 6:56 AM
Thanks for stopping bye. Sweet dreams =)

9/14/2009 9:11 AM
More like they were jealous. A certain shamer just got the boot too.

9/8/2009 8:42 AM
Hey there rocker boy! lol... I appreciate the votes =) Nice voice by the way.

9/8/2009 6:53 AM
Thanks for the fame vote on my wall of fame entry. Xander.

9/6/2009 1:38 AM
Submitted by YankeeRhoad Total Votes: 17 Your Votes: 4 I like your Jammin pic!

9/4/2009 4:08 PM
Several votes on the way for You don't know me!

9/4/2009 6:51 AM
Hope you weekend is rockN, Dan XO

9/4/2009 5:19 AM
Thank you. I appreciate it

8/31/2009 6:07 PM
My summer has been crazy! I just got back from Las vegas and have a ton of work to catch up with! I will be posting stuff soon! Thanks for asking!!

8/30/2009 6:28 PM
Thanks Daniel, I am having a great summer, it's just going by too fast! Hope things are going well for you!

8/30/2009 1:39 PM
Several more votes on the way my friend!

8/30/2009 10:31 AM
You are a sweetie and you rock too!!!!!

8/22/2009 11:19 PM

8/18/2009 4:29 PM
Several votes on the way for Graphic Design Contest - good work!

8/12/2009 9:41 AM
Sure man no prob. Thanks for checking out my media, glad you like it.

8/11/2009 10:29 AM
Great new song man.

8/9/2009 9:52 AM
Thanks for the fanship, Dan Great music CVS

8/9/2009 8:29 AM
hey Thx Dan. I was getting a complex over here LOL Linda : )

8/9/2009 2:48 AM
Thanks for the comment man, I hope you like what you find. I definitely work very hard on my projects.