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6/20/2010 2:53 AM
hello I am portuguese I have 4 sites for music recorded at home with 300 wotts will see thanks. (http://tita090.skyrock. com) (wwwyoutube titacaldas) good work beautiful pictures

3/4/2010 12:05 PM
Please come check out the new CD "Ghetto Anthems" Vol 1 You can even pick up a copy by following this link below. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/djstereo2

7/7/2009 3:22 AM
Awww...I LOVE your photos!!! They are so creative and I'm sure will attract a LOT of talent scouts! Good luck w/ your dream :)!!! I'll be rootn' for ya :)

4/10/2009 11:55 AM
You won!! Congratulations. Atleast you should have informed us. Anyway all the best!!

4/6/2009 8:15 PM
Submitted by DanceNSingFrenzy Total Votes: 93 Your Votes: 17

3/31/2009 9:10 PM
Now I am A Fan! Great fortune to you lil Miss Diva In the Making!

3/31/2009 3:25 PM
I'm a fan, nice to meet you!

3/31/2009 3:25 PM
Anastasia excellent, what a great attitude, you'll go far. Keep on this path, and I'll see you on the Big screen!!! Trish (I voted for your "the other side of the rainbow" very creative.)

3/30/2009 6:53 PM
I wish you the greatest of luck with your dreams of dancing, singing and acting!!! Keep reaching higher for the stars and you'll go far!!! Never give up!Good Luck

11/28/2007 3:46 PM
luv your pics but can't get to your myspace page

11/18/2007 6:27 PM
I meant modelling. Moselling? That would be weird!

11/15/2007 9:36 PM
Good luck with your dancing and moselling!

11/14/2007 11:05 AM
wow you're beautiful, and only 14? you should definatlly model

11/12/2007 8:17 PM
Hi! I uploaded a new song (Nuclear Storm Cloud). If you got a minute come and check it out. I'm looking for feedback to (good and bad) so leave a comment if you have some time. Thanks!!!

11/8/2007 2:27 PM
Dancing up a "Storm" That is a great concept! Good work.

11/7/2007 12:48 PM
Totally!!! haha :]

11/4/2007 4:18 PM
Thank You for becoming my fan, We wish you continued success Angela-Lynn & Mom