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All Comments (186):

2/6/2013 7:09 PM
only in canada eh? pity.

8/20/2012 3:07 PM
Just wondering how one of my fav singers in the world is :) Hope all is ok in your world

1/21/2011 12:13 AM
Hey...u have ur license yet. Wondering how the lil red car runs :):):)

1/21/2011 12:11 AM
Hey. It's ur biggest fan:) Just wanted to say nice job for all ur sites. I impressed and happy to call u my friend. And the black purse goes great with the black dress u got me. It's just those white shoes Crys got me ? Hmmm.Seeyabackstage!

12/31/2010 1:22 PM
Happy New Year, lovely TinaRose

12/31/2010 11:36 AM
Happy New Year Tina..........celebrate with style.(S)

12/31/2010 10:23 AM

12/25/2010 2:18 PM
Merry Christmas young lady :):):) And yeah...What Slippery said :)

12/24/2010 8:39 AM
Merry Christmas Oh Lovely and talented one XOXO

12/17/2010 9:23 AM
Hey you. I'm not sure if I thanked u for the black purse to go with that black dress? But hows that donna look with those white high heal shoes????? hmmmm

12/15/2010 12:26 PM
I sent you a spotlight...because you look so beautiful in the spotlight! Shine on!

12/15/2010 12:23 PM
Thanks for the beautiful Tiara, Tina You are so cool Ho ho ho : )

12/15/2010 12:21 PM
Thank you so much for the mic! I'd love to join you...but I can only sing well in my shower! I freeze up when I have to sing in front of people! I had a "traumatic" incident on stage as a child! I love listening to all of you though!

12/13/2010 12:15 PM
What a bunch of bitter butt heads. They so wish they could be you.

12/12/2010 7:45 AM
You are just a natural up there on stage. That was so excellent.

12/1/2010 9:07 PM
I love you too, tina! You ave the voice of an Angel, the smile of a princess, and your joy is contagious!

12/1/2010 7:45 AM
Thanks for the comment on "My Prayer".It's very much appreciated. : )

11/30/2010 9:11 PM
P.S. Dito on not talkin enuff. Can't wait to show ya the video for my Rolling Thunder military song. Get a tissue. Now how do I convert from Roxio program to you tube. Took 2 hrs to figure out how to cut the DVD lol. sos :)

11/30/2010 9:06 PM
Check it out gurl. Did I beat em up bad enuff 4 ya lmao. SCORE!!!!

11/30/2010 12:12 PM
Great contest. However call me crazy, but you sank off the page awfully quick. Some how I get the feeling that was on purpose.

11/30/2010 9:43 AM
You got it, girl! Let me find a good entry and I'll be in it! BTW...its so cool that you're doing Grease! Congrats on getting the part...I know you'll be a hit!

11/29/2010 11:45 AM
That is way cool about Grease. Are you going to be able to have someone video it? I hope so. I'd love to see it. As they say "break a leg " : )

11/29/2010 8:05 AM
I don't see them targeting anyone else, so it's you who are the biggest threat in their pea brains : )

11/29/2010 8:04 AM
Wow What a bunch of immature babies. They are so green they just can't stand it. That's okay the more haters, the better you know you are. Tearing you down will not make them any better. You are making a stir and that's a good thing.

11/28/2010 10:00 PM
Its so good to see you again, TinaRose! I hope that life is going great for you! I had some dreaded strep throat over the holiday, but I'm beginning to feel human again! I hope that you'll be around for awhile! You've been missed! ((Hugs))

11/28/2010 10:00 AM
Good job like always.Keep it up.

11/28/2010 8:02 AM
It's always great to see your pretty face around here : ) I was just thinking about you. XOXO

11/3/2010 8:24 AM
Hey how you been? Hope all is well. :)

10/10/2010 2:07 PM
Thanks for kind words Tina I'm doin alright Gettin good grades My futures so bright I gotta wear shades lol

10/8/2010 8:43 PM
I just listened to your song "Fight Like A Girl" for the 5th time tonight...you have such a beautiful voice! Thanks again for entering the contest, and especially for choosing that song! It was perfect and so are you!