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All Comments (186):

4/4/2010 7:32 AM
If you don't do it soon...I'll have ta learn ha. Anyway...just stopped by to wish u a very HAPPY EASTER. Got my votes in the current 4 ya.

4/4/2010 7:30 AM
I can't believe I jst now signed as a fan. I'm quick like that lol. Subscribed also. You are a wonderful singer and person. We should start a cover contest. Karaoke included 4 a bigger pot. I have never hosted a contest yet.

4/3/2010 7:03 PM
HAPPY EASTER! God Bless & Later Dayz... -D. Puma

3/30/2010 1:33 PM
your welcomes (:

3/28/2010 3:17 PM
You have a fantastic talent... love your media and wish you well in the future :)

3/28/2010 9:28 AM
Tina, you are so sweet thank you! I really appreciate your support ;)

3/23/2010 12:18 AM
Hi Tina.I have just found out that u won the singing contest.YAAAY!!! You really deserve it. You are as sweet as your voice. Good luck in the future. God Bless

3/18/2010 5:15 PM
Hi, thank your for becoming a fan of mine. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Acoustic24 aka Joe

3/15/2010 3:39 PM
thanks for comment from my video appreciate. bleach is cool animation but i don't watch that often. thanks again

3/14/2010 8:36 AM
Thanks Tina, I really appreciate that :)

3/12/2010 11:12 AM
Thank you :)

3/12/2010 9:55 AM
Thank you so much for the beautiful gifts Tina You are such a doll. You are definitely going far and you totally deserved your win : )

3/10/2010 8:34 AM
Thx Tina You are much too kind You rocked that tune XO

3/9/2010 1:58 PM
Congrats on your contest win Tina!

3/9/2010 10:46 AM
Yeah You won : ) Congrats Tina XOXO

3/9/2010 10:46 AM
TINA!!!!!! Congratulations on winning!!!!! How cool is that??? You deserve it my dear! Keep it going!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

3/4/2010 10:37 AM
Thx Tina I have been voting for you a lot too. Also they will choose the winner no matter who is on top. I have seen the top people passed over on other contests. So it's not over till it's over. Good luck : )

3/2/2010 3:13 AM
Thanks for your kind comments Tina! Wish you all the best :)

3/1/2010 8:28 PM
you have a great voice :)

3/1/2010 11:01 AM
Yeah Congrats on your win, TinaRose. Nice job!!!!

2/23/2010 6:20 PM
I'm done now. That's 3 hours of my life I'll never get back. Don't ever say I never did anything for you.

2/20/2010 6:11 AM
Thank you Tina! You are very talented, love your voice, I think you could be famous someday! Have a wonderful weekend Tina:)

2/19/2010 12:32 PM
Tina, sorry been busy but no offence taken I am sure. As a songwriter, I would be thrilled if your heart was ever into doing any of my songs. ; - ) Diane

2/17/2010 1:10 PM
Seven votes on the way for Sing your heart out contest!

2/12/2010 3:46 PM
Tina, that song "Breathe" and your performance in it with the other musicians is truly beautiful. You have a very sweet, graceful and solid voice. I wish you the best beyond the moment and always stay grounded. Lord Bless You!

2/8/2010 8:56 PM
PS Piano is a better instrument to start composing with. Once you learn to play the music will just start to come to you. Sign up for a class at your local JC - much less $$ than private lessons.

2/8/2010 8:53 PM
You are going to go far and I don't mean in any of these cute little contests.

2/8/2010 3:43 PM
Awwww....I LOVE your new Profile Picture!!! You look adorable :D!!! Good Luck again in the contests :D!! And, have a GRRREAT week :)!!!

2/7/2010 5:11 AM
Love the song in the vid contest. Sounds to me like...you should be able to climb that latter of success that you talk about. Don't give up ur passion gurl. It's late so I will come back to hear more latr. God Bless ya.

2/6/2010 7:27 PM
Thank you so much for the wonderful comment that you left about my photos. You're such a talented young woman...I can see a very bright future ahead of you! Good luck always!